Leadership. Management. Communication

Bryan Stewart 

This past week, the men of our Sunday School class met together to talk and fellowship.  It was good bonding time and it was good growing our relationships deeper.

During the course of one conversation, we began to talk about work and of course that led to discussing some frustrations that some of the men were having with their jobs and employer.  One of the men said this about his boss:  “Leadership, Management and Communication, if I had these three this job would be ok.”  

That phrase stuck with men and I wanted to expound on those three elements.

Our world is looking for leaders.  Men who will take charge and lead their universe.  I cant tell you how important this is to me and to the Timothy Group.  Without leadership we have no direction and as Proverbs says, “Without a vision the people perish.”  Every aspect of your life will require leadership.  Much has been said about what leadership is and what it entails, but Christ-like leadership is a humble strength leading by example.

Strive to be a leader who leads by example, and do so confidently.  Our world is waiting.

What about management?  I believe management is simply deploying your resources in an effective and appropriate manner.  How many times have you seen someone appointed as the leader of the group but they have terrible management skills?  They are the leader in title but do not know how to use the resources under them.  They either waste the resources and frustrate the personnel or they under-use the resources and personnel becoming a “micro-manager”.  

Some of the greatest frustration in my work career has come at the hands of the leader who does not know how to manage.  He will not take time to use me and my skills effectively for the team, or he will waste my work skills by doing everything himself.  Either way is frustrating and exasperating.  

Manage your people and resources with thought given to the mission and to their needs.  Christ used the resources He had at hand, ie. bread and fish, to feed the multitude.  He used the disciples to pass out food, then used that event as a teachable moment for later.    Look for ways to develop your personnel and help them do better in their work.  They will work better and the quality of work will improve.  Good management skills are an important part to leadership.

Lastly, communication can make or break a team.  If the leader does not communicate to his team disastrous effects can take place.  Your people cannot read your mind, so you must tell them what you expect.   I will expand on communication in another article, but I cannot emphasize enough how good, thorough communication is necessary in leadership.  

Leadership, Management and Communication.  How well do you practice these three?