CST After Action Review

CST 2012 Report

Challenge Staff Training for 2012 was a great success.  We started with nine candidates from many places like, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and as far away as South Dakota!  The Executive Staff really got to see strong effort from each of the young men as we put them into positions to lead multiple times.

The event ran from Wednesday morning to Friday afternoon and the candidates had a total of 12 hours of sleep during the 56 hour event.  That sleep was well earned!  CST kicked off with a PT test: 40 pushups in 2 minutes, 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes and a mile run in 10 minutes.  This is the same standard we have for Challenge and our candidates were no exception to that standard.  We pushed them physically, mentally and spiritually and they dug deep.

Some of the activities we engaged in were a Team O-course run, Pistol/Rifle stress shoot, Team Building events, Rappel Tower, Land-Nav courses, PT, Drill, lots of teaching material and one top secret activity to be reveled at Challenge 2012!

We laughed and grew as a team as we experienced hardships together.  The best part of the week was watching nine young men of various backgrounds and maturity lead a devotional.  The level of spiritual maturity and faith was strong as they taught us what God was teaching them.  I was moved as I heard them encourage their brothers in faith to be more like Christ.  This is our future and the future looks bright!

The entire event was designed to select our staff from this group and build leadership in all of them.  That goal was met as these young men stepped up to the challenge and are prepared to go All The Way this fall.  

If Challenge 2012 is anything like CST it is going to be a huge success! 

Bryan Stewart

Training Officer