Godly Men Working Together

Godly Men Working Together!

This past October I had the privilege of supporting ten men, the staff of Timothy Group CHALLENGE 2012.  They were responsible for equipping and training the students (known as recruits) for the week.  One characteristic stood out as the week came to a close.  Accountability.  The staff set expectations and set them high.  The recruits found a way or made one each time a mission needed to be accomplished.  At Challenge the recruits were placed into 4-6 man teams called squads.  This squad was their family, their home for the week.  The recruits were encouraged to share information, strength and equipment.   The long days, the cold mornings, the hard work formed a perfect atmosphere for camaraderie among the recruits.  This tight bond made it easy for the recruits to ignore personal needs and focus on the needs of others.  Each day was filled with different challenges.  Each day the staff and the recruits looked forward to and expected accountability.  Deep down inside each male there lives a desire to be held accountable.  We leaders within the Timothy Group succeed in bringing that desire to the surface.  There, on the surface, uncluttered from the pride of life and the confusion of immaturity, is that desire.  Once freed, the families can reap the rewards of a child of God living in the center of God’s will.  Now that the recruits are home, they can recognize their families as their new squad, their unit of assignment.  Now they can focus on the needs of their parents, their siblings, and their friends.  The accountability need not end.  Parents hold your sons accountable.  The recruit knows how far to take this lesson…ALL THE WAY!

Bruce Stansbury