May 2011

Mission -  a specific task with which a person or a group is charged.  A better thought is the idea of  the act or an instance of sending.

The theme this year for the Challenge program is "Mission impossible".  Stay tuned for details on this exciting adventure.

Let's you and I speak a little about the concept of  - submission

Jesus says, No greater love has a man who lays down his life for another

Submission: To place oneself under the mission of another.  Can you lay down your desires, your dreams.  Can you serve another human being so well that your selfish wants are not a thought in your head?

Timothy Group men give priority to God's Mission.

Chris Tomlin wrote a song with the lyrics about "No Chains on Me, The Walls are Coming Down".  View this song as sung from the prisoners point of view.  It is our (the Timothy Group) desire for the prisoner to know the truth of God's saving power.

We have heard the phrase about kicking doors in.  Well, I am here to tell you, forget about the door. Let God kick the entire wall down and not just one wall...all of them.  Think about that...God doesn't do anything half way.  When Peter and the disciples were praying in the upper room.  God did not just fill the room with his spirit.  He filled the entire house.

Study out Mark 6:1-6.  This passage speaks of Honor and Faith.  Do realize that the term "confidence" ahs it roots in faith.  Further more when we experience faith is when or confidence grows.  Infact the two terms that make up the term confidence are the latin worn Con = to know and fidelis = faith.  So the folks in the scripture passage that missed out on miracles did so because they would not lay down their own expectation and trust Jesus.

If we are to life live to its fullest, If we are to impat our community for God.  We need to step out in faith.  Trust God to be large and in charge.  We need to lay down our understanding and do what God says do.

God speaks in order to accomplish.  He wants certain items acheived on this earth.  God wants this done thru us.  Check out Hebrews 4:11,12,13.  Take a break from your humanistic existence and allow God to show you a thing or three.  This passage also deals with the term disobedience.  Wow!  Next blog we will examine the root of the term obedience.  Loyalty is powerful.  Stay tuned.

Until next time.  Pray and obey.  Invest time with Goid.  Lay aside you busy-ness and replace it with what you hear God saying.  Allow God to impact your home, friends, community thru you.

You are blessed to be a blessing!

Bruce Stansbury, Major (retired)

The Timothy Group, Inc.