See You In The Field

All of us love the adventure and the thrill of accomplishing a mission. One of my favorite missions of Challenge is the rappel tower. There is something about flying off that tower that charges us as young men. I cant wait to get back up and do it again, but waiting takes longer than the actual rappel! For example, we tie on our swiss seats, hook into the belay line, get checked off by the belayer, yell out, “On belay!”, wait for the reply, “belay on!” and then begin our ascent. We make it to the top, hook into the safety line, unhook our belay line, attach the figure eight to our line, give the necessary command and go. Less than 5 seconds later we are on the ground.

Although it was frustrating to wait, it was the waiting that allowed us to rappel. We had to be safety checked, and go through the proper procedure otherwise we would be facing certain danger. So also this is true in our lives, young men as we wait for the Lord to complete the work He is doing in us. We prepare, plan, pray and wait. It seems that anything that I have endeavored to do has been precluded by a season of waiting. I am reminded of the apostle Paul who waited to perform his ministry while being taught by the Lord in the desert for three years (Gal. 1:15-18). I think of Elijah, who was fed by the ravens while he waited through a three and a half year drought. The Lord Jesus waited thirty years before He began his public ministry. Gideon waited as God downsized his army to the appropriate amount. All of these examples had to wait on God. You may be in a season of waiting as I am now, or you may be in your mission stage performing what God wants. Either way, remember you are in a great company of men who waited on a perfect God to open doors. Stay close to the Savior, plan, prepare, pray and learn to wait.  Psalm 27:14  Officer Stewart