Source WXP 3L STORM Review

Source WXP 3L STORM Review-

I was recently introduced to a great company called Source and wanted to pass on my personal findings to you.  When you are in the field, hydration is important, but how that hydration is delivered is even more important.

 I was having problems with my previous bladder system getting grungy even after one week of use. I was also having problems with my hose snapping off at the bite valve or pulling out due to weakness of the equipment.  It became so bad, I would pack a spare hose and replacement parts for my hydration system anticipating its demise!  

After replacing my third hose I decided to look for a stronger option and found it in Source.  They are an Israeli company producing bomb proof products!  I purchased my WXP 3L STORM from Source and was impressed by a few things.

  1. The hose has a quick disconnect at the valve and at the bladder.  
  2. Easy access.  You can fill it by unscrewing the cap or by pulling the top off.

  3. Taste!  No plastic nasty!  

Source has this to say on their website: “High performance 3L hydration reservoir system. Exclusive 3 layer coextruded Polyethylene construction with Taste-Free™, low maintenance, Glass-Like™ liner. Integrated Grunge-Guard™ antimicrobial.” 

Basically, that means there is not etching in the lining of the bladder making it next to impossible for any bacteria to grow on the walls of the bladder.  Well, I had to try that out myself and see if I could grow some nasties like I normally did in my other bladder system.  

I filled my WXP 3L STORM with water and put nothing in it like lemon and dropped it in my PIG Hydration Carrier from SKD Tactical and headed to the Range.  The PIG has elastic at the bottom of the carrier squeezing the bladder and minimizing the slosh you get when it is half empty, but that is another review for another day.

The hose is tough and easy to use.  The valve seems strong and time will tell if it keeps pace with me. While out on the range, I filled up from an external source while I still had water in the bladder.  Normally this means a soaking for my carrier, but all I had to do was simply unscrew and pour in.  No spill.  I then quick detached  the hose while the bladder was full to see if it would leak at the valve end or the bladder end.  Again, no leak as the STORM kept my carrier dry.  I was impressed at how easy it was to access and to pop in and out the hose.  The top was also very easy to remove and replace.  The STORM did just what it was supposed to do: deliver clean hydration when I needed.  

When I first got it I was skeptical because a water bladder is just that, a water bladder.  After using the STORM and seeing how well it works, I realized the thought and design that had gone into it and I am very pleased to recommend SOURCE Hydration products.  The cost for the bladder is in the $30 range according where you shop.  Not a bad price for the quality product you are getting!

Oh, that water that was in my WXP 3L STORM has been in there for over 2 months now and still tastes fresh!  Source does not recommend that of course but I wanted to see for myself.  No grunge, no grime, mold or nasties.  Now that is a perfect hydration bladder!  Clear and Copious!