Summer Internship 2012 Underway

Summer Internship Underway

A new season has started with the Timothy Group and I am super excited about the growth of the recently added internship program. This is an area of expansion that the Leadership & I have been praying over for several years but didn't think it would be a reality for the foreseeable future.  Instead, as often happens with God's timing, He said to begin 'Now'.  

Comments and questions that I hear the most both from parents and students center around offering an extended program.  Something that offers the young men a more in depth chance to explore what it means to be a Christian male in this post modern world we find ourselves living in.  One friend observed that many families she knows are looking for ways to instill hard work & character.  (Anyone who has seen my 4 acre "little building project" can verify that there is no lack of hard work around here!)

A glimpse at the summer curriculum includes: Mentoring discussions, supervised entertainment, in depth training in rappelling, rucking, land navigation, self protection, 4-wheeling, etc., Church worship and fellowship and rest, community service work, property maintenance, basic handy-man tasks, house building, light electrical work, light plumbing work, vehicle maintenance, and Group Bible Study.

We are in week 5 of a 10 week journey.  Wow, time is flying.  The next blog will have a couple of highlights the guys would like to share. Going into this program, I thought the area of training that would have the most impact would be the auto mechanics or the outdoor skills.  However, what has most challenged me and consistently fills my brain at the end of the day is the biblical based conversations in which the young men voluntarily engage.  They are so passionate about their faith. I am amazed at the love and faithfulness of our God. 

The variety that is demonstrated within the mix of the interns is encouraging.  We came together with differing levels of education, physical fitness, emotional maturity.  Through our willingness to listen, share, study, and apply we have grown in a common direction, and achieved a variety of goals.  The brotherhood of bonds is strong.  I look forward to the next several weeks.

Bruce Stansbury