Read Your Bible

Practical application of spiritual truth is the core for the existence of the Timothy Group.  We know that all scripture is inspired by God. We know that all scripture is useful. However, very few of us know the scriptures and much fewer understand how to apply that scripture to benefit our daily living.  God sent His son to live on this Earth in order to, among other things, live a life for us to follow as an example.  We know that from Christ's example we are to be obedient.  We are to be loyal.  We are to be in relationship with those around us.
We are to know God's word and apply it to life.  Jesus used God's word to overcome difficulties in his life on Earth.

Psalms 19:7-11 gives us an opportunity to use God's word in our daily living.

Verse seven focuses on God's law.  We are bound to God's laws by the principles of justice, and our consent.  If we do not consent to His laws then we have no protection or promises associated with them.  It is therefore prudent that we become familiar with the laws of God.  Read your bible.  Verse seven goes on to say that the law is perfect.  God's laws have all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics.  His laws are as good as it is possible to be.  The verse goes on to say the laws of God cause the soul to change in form, character, or function.  This change is critical.  Notice the relationship between us and the law.  If we know it and obey it we are protected and reap benefits.  According to Psalm 23:3 God is concerned with our soul.  Our soul consists of our mind, emotions, and will.  These need to be cared for and submitted to God.  A study of our soul requires further investigation.  Notice a use of the mind in the next part of verse seven.  God's solemn declaration of truths is certain; unfailing; infallible.  If we listen to the testimony of God, we will begin to experience a belief and know that His propositions are true.  These evidences are the effect of that declaration on our mind, or the degree of light which it affords.  Therefore if you use God's truth, He will make you wise.

Verse eight shares Gods statutes with us.  These acts extend God's binding force to all of us.  These are commanding us to action or prohibiting something. Statutes owe their binding force to a positive declaration of God's supreme power.  These acts of His supreme power are of a private nature and are intended to operate only on us as individuals or as His chosen people.  The acts of our creator are intended as a permanent rule.  These statutes are right.  In other words, they are just; equitable; accordant to the standard of truth and justice or the will of God. Knowing that we are loved by God and He wants to protect us should make us feel wanted, desired, a member of His team, His family.  This inclusion should make our hearts rejoice.  Verse eight continues with the concept of the commandment of the Lord.  God's mandate; an order or injunction given by His authority is free from moral defilement; without spot; not sullied or tarnished; incorrupt; undebased by moral depravity or wickedness; holy.  God's commands are His owe.  They are not comprimised by our lifestyle, our thoughts.  Knowing He created the commands and that they are for us to obey will lead to great results.   God uses these commands to enlighten our eyes.  He needs to give light to us.  He needs us to have clearer views.  He needs to illuminate our thinking.  His commands will instruct us.  We will be able to see or comprehend His truth.  God has given us this tool in order to enlighten our mind and understanding.  Read your Bible and God will illuminate you with divine knowledge, or a knowledge of the truth.  Let's continue on to verse nine.  

The term fear in scripture has many definitions.  In Psalm 19 verse 9 we are concerned with the definition that most resemble the law or teachings or word of God.  The word of the Lord is one hundred percent separated from all foreign matter.  No thing whatever is extraneous to it.  It is free from anything foul or offensive.  The word of God is Holy.  God's word will last forever.  Young man, let the Word of God be your foundation.  It will not be shaken.  More of verse nine concerns judgement.  The judgments of the Lord are true.  In them there is not wavering, no faulty reasoning.  There is not chance of change.  They are conforming to truth and faithful to His word. God has a process of examining facts and arguments, to ascertain propriety and justice.  This process of examining the relations between one proposition and another is in agreement with the divine will of God and His justice altogether.

Verse ten lets us know these judgments, fear, commands, statutes, testimony, and laws are to be desired more than gold.  The confidence supplied by these gives you great comfort, stability and sanctification.

Verse eleven puts the responsibility for your well being on you.
You are warned by these.  There is a saying, " forewarned is forearmed".  Now that you are aware of these you can use them to protect yourself and better yet to be proactive in avoiding danger.
Only when you keep these concepts we have just studied are you promised great reward.  You are not rewarded for knowing them.  You are not rewarded for studying them or memorizing them.  You must do them.  You must obey them.  You must use them when making decisions or taking action.  Read Your Bible.  Get organized.  Get equipped.  Get trained.  Get up. Get out. Get going.