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Sky Dive Level 1

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Join us for a great day of Sky Diving at “one of the highest rated drop zones internationally”.  We will experience the First Jump Course and AFF Level 1 Jump.  We will depart Columbus, Georgia at 8am and return to Columbus, Georgia at 10pm.

We need a minimum of five folks to register before we can confirm the event.  

The cost for the day is 400.00.  This covers: Transportation, Equipment rental, Instruction, Training, First jump, and Dinner.

We will provide the rental equipment: jump suit, helmet, goggles, log book, gloves.

The Timothy Group is hosting a parachute instruction course.  The purpose of the day is to enjoy fun and fellowship, .  The purpose of this instruction is to expand our rescue skills, spread the word about the Timothy Group events and recruit volunteers for our staff.  Come out and support us as we train our staff in this much needed skill.  I pray you will be able to take advantage of this course of instruction.

Who: The Timothy Group, Inc. will provide instruction in the art and science of Skydiving.

What: Accelerated Free Fall Instruction, training, and first Jump.  Then a time of fellowship and sharing as we dine together.

Where:  Near Rockmart, GA

When: Anytime you want.  Call or email for details. (8am-10pm)

How: Cost is $400.00. 

REGISTER HERE (This rate does include a $10.00 non-refundable transaction processing fee.)  DO NOT DELAY.

Details:  Ground instruction will concentrate on equipment, the proper airplane exit, free-fall procedures and canopy control methods, landing, malfunctions, and safety. After the several hour training course you will be pulling your own ripcord.

As a prerequisite for this course, students must be: 18 years old, in excellent physical condition and weigh not more than 240 pounds.  Wear Sneakers and comfortable clothing for the weather of the day. Avoid polo or oxford type collared shirts.

The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Level One skydive requires several hours of training (the First Jump Course) prior to exiting the plane with two qualified instructors. When exiting the airplane, the two instructors will be holding the student between them to ensure stability and allow the student an opportunity to successfully complete the free-fall portion of the skydive. At the appropriate altitude, the student will be responsible for opening their own parachute system. The student will then pilot their canopy and land their canopy with radio assistance from instructors on the ground.

All student systems contain a Cypres Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that will automatically deploy the parachute at a specific speed and altitude in the event that it has not already been opened by the student. All parachute systems contain a reserve "back-up" parachute that is regularly maintained and packed by an FAA Certified Master Parachute Rigger.

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your fellow servant,

Bruce Stansbury, MAJ (ret)

Program Director

The Timothy Group, Inc.

PO Box 1701

Fortson, GA 31808


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