Timothy Group CHALLENGE BASIC—Mon, Aug 6, 2018 14:00   Sat, Aug 11, 2018

Phenix City, Alabama




Matthew Carnley

Program Director,






Timothy Group CHALLENGE



Welcome Recruits and Dads!  We are excited you have decided to join us. We will be based at Pine Mountain, Georgia all week and will have some wonderful exciting experiences together. 


Please read the following carefully.


ARRIVAL TRANSPORT:  CHALLENGE will begin at 2pm EST.  Please plan to arrive by 1pm EST so that we can in-process your son and he can get ready for the program.


FLIGHTS: If you are traveling by air, schedule your flight to arrive at the Atlanta Intl Airport no later than 11am Eastern Standard Time on 6 August.  You will be picked up at your baggage claim by a member of the Challenge Basic staff.  Please contact the program director with Arrival and departure driving and flight information for ALL recruits and fathers should be entered into the online database.


Driving Direction to:


Dudley Compound, Coordinates 32.6657340, -85.2435080. Ner 3826-4132 County Road 158, Opelika, Alabama 36804.


From Atlanta (or the North/Eastern United States) take 1-85 south toward Montgomery. Take exit 70 for County Road 388 toward Cusseta. Turn left onto Chambers County 388. Turn right onto County Rd 266. Slight right onto US-29 South. Turn left onto Lee Road 390. Turn left onto Lee Road 252. Turn right onto County Road 158. Look for Timothy Group signs. and an unnamed Road where CHALLENGE Staff will meet you and direct. 




When you arrive at Dudley Compound, follow the signs for parking and registration.




Those who survive Timothy Group CHALLENGE Training will be released from Dudley Compound at 1100 am Eastern Time on 11 August 2018.  Flights should be scheduled to depart Atlanta Airport no earlier than 1430 Eastern Time on 11 August 2018.  If you need flexibility in your travel times please contact the First Officer for information.  Arrival and departure info for ALL recruits and fathers should be entered into the online database.




Fathers who attend Timothy Group CHALLENGE with their recruits are not required to participate in the physical activities.  However, fathers are highly encouraged to participate if they so choose.  You will be assigned your own staff member and will be able to experience morning Bible studies specifically geared towards Fathers and raising young men.  One of the goals for Challenge is to encourage our Dads as they raise up this next generation of leaders.  The staff at Challenge wants you to have a memorable time and leave inspired to further continue the good work you are doing. 




SPIRITUAL: Pray that God will use this week to mold each of us into Godly Men for the Army of Jesus Christ, and that nothing would distract us from hearing God’s mission for our lives.  Pray now that God would prepare your heart for the important leadership training you will receive. 

PHYSICAL: Commit to working out on a regular basis and being in good physical shape prior to Challenge.  Begin today to set up a work out routine.  Be accountable to someone in your family!  START HYDRATING NOW!  Every day drink one ounce of water for every two pounds you weight.  If you weight 100 pounds, drink 50 ounces of water every day.




40 push-ups in 2 minutes

50 sit-ups in 2 minutes

Mile run in 10 minutes or less







Recruits: The following list is NOT a suggestion.  You will need to bring what is listed as it is listed. 

Your clothing and anything that is visible must be of a muted or subdued color.  This means, browns, greens, and or grey.  Bright colors are not acceptable such as red, white, orange, yellow and any other bright high visibility color.  This applies to your clothing as well as your poncho, backpack, etc. There are ways to mute your gear without having to purchase new equipment. 

  • Ear protection
  • At least 2 pair BDU woodland camo trousers
  • 1 pair long pants (be prepared for mud-crawling and briars – muted colors please)
  • 1 BDU blouse
  • 4 plain t-shirts (muted colors.  No bright shirts.  No shirts with emblems or graphics)
  • 1 pair Hiking boots (ideally waterproof)
  • 1 Whistle
  • Eye protection. Clear (not shaded)
  • 1 pair Tennis / athletic shoes
  • 7 pair socks (recommended wool or non-cotton)
  • 1 pair good quality Leather work Gloves
  • 1 Camo hat or other baseball cap (muted colors)
  • 1 Sleeping bag (mosquito net optional)
  • 1 Poncho or raincoat (muted colors)
  • Tarp or rain fly- must be large enough to house you and your gear. (Recruits May Not bring a Tent however Dads may)
  • 50 ft- Rope or cord for lashing
  • Flashlight / head lamp (extra batteries)
  • Matches/ Lighter
  • Knives-(large pocket knife or medium sheath knife would be best)
  • Water bottles / canteens / Camelbak (must be attachable to your person)(you must have a total of 2 quarts of water with you at all times)
  • PT gear (T-shirt, shorts, exercise in. Sweatpants and sweatshirt are optional.  Does not need to be muted)
  • Bug spray and Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, Deodorant and Toilet Paper in zip lock bag
  • Soap and 1 Bath Towel
  • 1 Toboggan or sock hat (muted colors)
  • 1 Compass 
  • Simple first aid supplies (moleskin, foot powder, band-aids, etc.)
  • Plastic bags to store your clothes in wet weather. (Garbage bags, or zip lock is ok)
  • 1 Bible (preferably not a huge Study Bible) Both Testaments
  • 3- pencils and or pens
  • 2 small notebooks
  • 1 Backpack (at least large enough to carry a day’s supplies).  It is not necessary to purchase an expensive one, just bring the best you have or can borrow.  (Muted colors)


Each recruit and Dad should pack individually!  All gear should be packed in such a way as to be carried about one mile (rollers won’t help). YOU will have to carry all your own gear.  Therefore, I recommend that you bring as little as possible! (Dad’s gear may be put on truck)


If you are flying in and will have extra travel items (such as clean clothes, cell phones, i-pods, etc.) this will need to be packed separately and turned in to the Challenge Staff before the start of Training. These items will be returned after Training. 


RECRUITS MAY NOT BRING any food of any type –you will be given adequate food for the week. If you have a specific food need please contact the First Officer. Dad’s will also be given adequate food but may bring extra food, which they may not share with recruits. You may not bring firearms or fireworks. 



Upon arrival, recruits will be given a final phone call to inform parents of their safe travel thus far.  However, during the duration of Timothy Group CHALLENGE Training, the telephone communication privileges of recruits will be strictly limited to zero.  Parents should NOT expect to hear from their recruits during Training.  Recruits may not use personal cell phones during the week.  Of course, if there is any emergency, the parents will be contacted.  Fathers of recruits who participate are allowed to bring cell phones for discreet use as necessary. 




Do not fail to read and sign the waiver forms and bring it with you to the training!  You will not be allowed to enter Challenge without the waiver forms.  ALL FORMS MUST BE SIGNED TO PARTICIPATE!





Any questions concerning CHALLENGE Training should be directed to First Officer Carnley at: matthew@timothygroup.org, or (706) 341-6748.