What is Challenge?

INTRO is short for introduction to Challenge. This is three-day course in which the student experiences all the skill building events of the CHALLENGE program (Rappel, Land Navigation, firearm safety, self-protection, medical, survival). The atmosphere is easy going and the relationship between the student and the staff is one of encouragement and caring. The students will learn Bible verses and skills that will draw them close to each other as well as grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. BASIC is a six-day course in which the recruits are placed into squads of 4-6 members. They will work together during this boot camp style setting to be successfully. At the end of the week, the will navigate a 24 hour land-nav course in which they will utilize all of the training they received early in the week. They learn the values of the Timothy Group: Godliness, Duty, Courage, Humility, Strength, Faith, Teamwork, Discipline, Sacrifice, and Leadership. This course expands on the experiences of INTRO and further builds the young man physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. EXTREME is a six-day course in which the specialists are placed into a task force. The student rotate through the roles of leader, follower, observer, in order to build a more cohesive unit. The missions they encounter will allow the students to experience all the skills they have learned through INTRO and BASIC. They will need to rely on their God, and their teammates to be successful. The specialists are truly pushed to their limits. This is an alumni event.

What is the typical schedule like?

Monday, Students arrive to check-in at Howard Lodge.  Staff will shuttle them to the mountain-man area.  Squad creation and make camp

Tuesday, Conduct medical, wilderness, squad, and specialty training 

Wednesday, conduct rappel, marksmanship training.  The Timothy Group will provide NRA certified range officials.  We will provide all targets, weapons, safety equipment, and ammo.  We will provide all climbing and rappel masters.  We will provide all ropes, helmets, harnesses, gloves, and hardware.

Thursday, Conduct 24-hour land navigation training and over night confidence course

Friday, Conduct training time-out, celebration meal

Saturday, Graduate and The Timothy Group access to shower facilities

What are the educational benefits of CHALLENGE?

Challenge Basic Graduation Certificate Hours

·         Introduction to Communications & Speech           4 Hours

·         Mathematics                                                       5 Hour

·         Life Science                                                        2 Hour

·         Earth Science                                                      30 Minutes

·         Biology                                                           1 Hour

·         Chemistry                                                           1 Hour

·         Environmental Science                                        3 Hours

·         Government                                                        3 Hour

·         Economics                                                         1 Hour

·         Health and Physical Education                             20 Hour


Government through speeches and reference study

Students learn about and apply issues that helped create the democratic foundations of this nation. CHALLENGE introduces students to the ideas that shaped the nation. CHALLENGE inspires students to be informed citizens and understand how the United States compares on a global scale. (3-hour)

Economics through applied supply and demand

Presented with timely and engaging content, students understand the principles of economics. Students apply the key microeconomic concepts of supply and demand as well as the role of prices. (1-hour)

Sciences through land navigation, rock climbing, rappelling, and outdoor adventure.

Compelling lessons cover aspects of ecology, biosphere, land, forests and soil, water, energy and resources, and societies and policy. Students cover basic structure and rock formation.

Students apply scientific theory and concepts to real-world dilemmas. Students understand the diverse needs of living organisms.  Application is made to other topics, such as human biology and health. (7.5-Hours)

Mathematics through Land Navigation, Problem-solving, and Puzzles.

Mathematical reasoning is introduced with a study of triangulation map work, including exposure to plotting, and geometric constructions. Students model real-world phenomena they encounter daily, such as calculating distances, height, and navigation. Students apply their knowledge of circumference, area, and volume, as well as cross-sections of solids and rotations of two-dimensional objects. Students learn the concepts and apply trigonometry (sine, cosine, and tangent), the Pythagorean Theorem, distance and midpoint, and volume. (5-hour)

Health and Fitness through Physical Conditioning, Teambuilding, and Social behavior

Students learn about the major body systems, common maladies, and associated career specialties.  Students learn key elements of first aid, terminology, anatomy and physiology, pathologies, diagnostic and the fundamentals of medical emergency care. Throughout the course, instructional activities emphasize safety, professionalism, accountability, and efficiency. (2-hour) 

Students delve into the fundamental concepts of sociology. Students use teambuilding, leadership, and followership to covers cultural diversity and conformity, basic structures of society, individuals and socialization, stages of human development as they relate to sociology, deviance from social norms, social stratification, racial and ethnic interactions, gender roles, family structure, the economic and political aspects of sociology, the sociology of public institutions, and collective human behavior. (1-hour)

Students have the power to make responsible, respectful, informed, and capable decisions about topics that affect the well-being of themselves and others. (2-hour) 

Students exercise fitness and physical health. (15-Hour) 

Language Arts through Briefing, Public Speaking, Note Taking, and Devotions

Students explore topics related to public speaking, effective listening, interviews, and media analysis. Students use visual learning, effective listening skills, censorship, propaganda, and reasoning, and characteristics of human communication, verbal and nonverbal messages and differences in the areas of listening and responding. Engaging lectures and interactive activities, explore self-awareness and perception in communication.  Students critique and analyze informative and persuasive speeches. (4-hours)


How do I qualify to attend Challenge?

You must be at least 9, 13, or 16 years old depending on the CHALLENGE course you want to take. You must have a referral from a Timothy Group Alumni, a Challenge Alumni, CHALLENGE Staff Member, or your church leadership. You must submit a statement of faith.

What is the difference between Challenge INTRO, Challenge BASIC and Challenge EXTREME?

The age limits are different as well as the complexity of the events experienced during the week. The programs are longer for the more mature young men as well as more demanding.

What do I bring with me?

You will receive a packing list after registering.

What is a statement of faith?

This is a statement of your core beliefs. A typical statement of faith is not all-inclusive. It is a summary of your relationship with Jesus Christ. Your statement of faith will identify you and even define you as a Christian. This gives us a glimpse of your spiritual development and will allow us to know that this program is a good placement for you.

Can I bring a friend or relative?

Yes, as long as they are male. The age requirement for INTRO is 9-12. The age requirement for BASIC is 13-18. The age requirement for EXTREME is 16-23. EXTREME is an alumni event.

Can I bring my dad?

Yes! Dads are encouraged to stay for as many days as they would like. The Dads make up the Dad Squad and are welcome to participate or observe as they choose.  Although dads are highly encouraged to attend CHALLENGE, we understand they have commitments.  Approximately 75 percent of the young men attending Challenge will be without their fathers.  So please do not hesitate for your son to attend CHALLENGE.

Is there a discount for signing up early?

The earlier you sign up during the year, the more money you save.

Does my dad have to pay full price?

The registration fee for dads is $200.00.

How do I qualify for a scholarship?

There are a limited amount of scholarships each year given on a case-by-case basis. To be considered for a scholarship a parent must submit a written request explaining the need. The request should be submitted to The Timothy group Program Director, Bruce Stansbury at Bruce@timothygroup.org


Where is Challenge located?

We are currently using a facility in Pine Nountain, GA - approximately 1 hour south of the Atlanta, GA Airport.

I will be flying in, will someone meet me at the airport?

We offer a free shuttle from the Atlanta, GA Airport for most events.

I have allergies can I still attend?

It depends. At the discretion of the Director after discussing it with a parent a decision can be made. If it is seasonal allergies be aware that we spend the entire week in and around the woods.

I have asthma can I still attend?

Yes provided you keep an inhaler in your pocket at all times. Notify the staff and annotate this medical fact on your registration.

What if I get hurt?

We have risk assessment programs in place in order to lessen all risks to the low-level. We have EMT certified members on our team to deal with any medical needs that may arise. We have made arrangements for transportation to the local medical clinics and hospitals, should we have an incident that requires a higher level of attention.

What will the weather be like?

Typically the temperatures for south Georgia in late September/Early October are still very mild. Late night and early mornings may be chilly, near 50 degrees with daytime highs in the upper 70s and low 80s.

Are Girls allowed?

The Timothy Group is designed to minister to the needs of males.

How can my child participate during the public school year?

Here is an excerpt from a local school board guideline:

INDEPENDENT STUDY: If your child must be absent from school for more than five or more days, an Independent Study Contract will keep absences from being unexcused. An Independent Study Contract is simply a way for your child to have appropriate academic activities during a school absence, but it is in no way a substitute for school attendance. Please contact you child's teacher a week before the planned absence to have work prepared. You and your child will sign a "contract" guaranteeing the work will be done.

Should canteens be filled when I arrive?

You may fill your canteens or other hydration system before arriving, but it is not required. During activities plenty of water will be provided to refill canteens, camelbaks, etc.

I have some questions about the packing list.

Can the tennis shoes have a red letter and heel on them? In other
words, non-muted parts? If not, should we buy some camo duct tape and
tape over those parts?  The tennis shoes can have the red letter and heel on them.  No worries here.

Eye protection – does that mean special glasses for shooting or
does it mean sunglasses of any kind.  Eye protection – does mean anything that will protect his eyes.  These will be used during the shooting events as well as when we are moving through the woods.  the glasses will help shield the eyes from stray branches or other unseen debris.  No special purchase required.  sunglasses are fine.  If you do need to make a purchase Walmart has some inexpensive clear or shaded glasses in the sporting goods section near the fishing isle.

Does the whistle need to be metal and on a lanyard?  The whistle does need to be on a lanyard.  Metal is preferred.  However, plastic is fine.  No need to purchase anything.  The "lanyard" can be tied on later.  A piece of string is fine.

What is a BDU blouse? I couldn’t find anything with that descsription. This is what I came up with – is this OK? http://bdu.com/kids-propper-nylon-cotton-twill-bdu-coats.  This is exactly correct.  Good job finding the shirt.  A BDU blouse is a shirt that has camouflage print on it.  BDU stands for Battle Dress Uniform.  The design can be woodland, desert, digital, etc.  the least expensive route if you must buy one is to visit your local salvation army or goodwill type store.  These shirts can usually be purchased for 3-6 dollars.

Backpack should be able to hold at least one day of supplies – does that mean 1 day of clothes, Bible, toiletries, etc. or does the sleeping bag and tarp need to attach to it too?  The Backpack should be able to hold at least 1 day of clothes, Bible, note taking material, Whistle, Eye and ear protection, Gloves, hat, Poncho, Flashlight, Matches, Knives, bug spray, Sunscreen, Compass, first aid supplies.

Are Woodland BDUs mandatory?

For the uniformity of the graduation photo, one pair of Woodland BDU pants is requested. For use during the week of CHALLENGE, any muted color pants is acceptable. Do not feel the need to buy new BDU pants if none are readily available.


The start for Challenge means that the student needs to be on site and ready to hike at that time.  I highly recommend the student arrive earlier than that in order to be prepared.

For pick–up, Challenge does end at the set time.  Family and friends may arrive at 8am to view the graduation ceremony.



Do not hesitate to ask all further question that come to your attention.