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2014 CADRE/Staff Training Selection (CST)

  • CST TRAINING 1015 N 1st street Lake Charles Louisiana (map)

FOR ALL Timothy Group Alumni, CHALLENGE Graduate, and former Staff members:

The 2014 Staff will be an elite membership with numerous inaugural events.  This year staff will be selected from a highly competitive company of volunteers.  The weeklong training will be intense.  Three phases of training will prepare the staff for leadership in later events this year.  Phases of training include, classroom lecture, outdoor experiential learning, and deployment phase.  Many hours will be invested in survival skill building.  Several hours will be invested in mental strengthening exercises.  Leadership and team building as well as individual debriefings will be conducted.  The mission phase of the training will incorporate convoy operations, seagoing operations, and water survival techniques.   

Only the hardest charging young men need apply.  The Timothy Group Leadership expects the highest standards of their students.  In order for you to be selected as a staff member, you will need to push yourself to your limits.  Come prepared for spiritually rewarding program.  Come prepared to survive a mentally, physically, emotionally, and relationally demanding program.

If you are interested in being on staff for the 2014 events please contact Officer Stansbury in the form below. Let him know of your interest and he will review you for consideration. 

CST 2014 will be held at Port Mercy, Lake Charles Louisiana.

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