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L.E.A.D + C.S.T. 2018

Leaders equipped to affect disciples. + Challenge Staff Training

Greetings warriors! The Timothy Group is planning a leadership week for June 27th-30th. All Challenge basic Alumni are invited. This will also be part of our Challenge Staff Selection process, but you can still attend for great leadership and teamwork training, even if you aren't interested in staffing Challenge.


Wednesday-Friday: Accountability, mentorship, fundraising, operations
Friday-Saturday: Extreme Course
Sunday: Fellowship rest and debrief


Workshops: 4 hours a day

PT, Skills, Drills: 4 hours a day

Extreme Course: 42 hour endurance training, standard day pack.

Who are you and what are you made for?

Mentored to mentor.

Today’s cultural as a significant lack in men willing to step up to lead. In a recent mission to a high risk country, an organization received hundreds of applications from women, with only a few from men. We were made to be leaders, this is unacceptable. Are we willing to step up and fill the cultural gap?

Accountability: Why its key to being a leader, a follower, and a warrior.

Timothy Group mission operations: Where are we going? What can we do? What can you be involved in?

Fundraising: How to promote the Timothy Group at your church, to your friends, to your dog.

Skills: PT, Drill, Land navigation, rappelling, etc.

42 hour endurance team training.

Cost! We want to keep this event as affordable as possible. The cost is only $100, but you are responsible for bringing your own food. Bring as much or as little as you want. We can take you grocery shopping upon arrival. Note that during the endurance training the only food allowed will be what is permitted by the staff.

Each Staff member will teach an in depth session of an assigned role. This includes:

Essentially how they will teach each of their roles, not necessarily do it, but walk the staff through their idea of the most effective way to teach it at Challenge. Review roles that need reviewing. Such as land nav, drill, etc.


Lessons to be taught:


Mentoring at Challenge - Carnley


Applying Spiritual Lessons to Physical activities Spirit vs. Physical PT…..I hate your guts Carnley


Leadership lessons of Christ – Carnley 


Leadership styles – Carnley

Staff will lead devotions


Work on Jodies – What is a Jodie? Its purpose? What should the rhythm be? Etc


Conduct a PT test. 

Lots of other physical activity that brings us close to death without compromising safety. 

Packing list:

Ear protection

  • 1-3 pair BDU woodland camo trousers

  • 1 BDU blouse

  • 2-4 plain t-shirts (muted colors.  No bright shirts. No shirts with emblems or graphics) Or Timothy Group shirt.

  • 1 pair Hiking boots (ideally waterproof)

  • 1 Whistle

  • Eye protection. Clear (not shaded)

  • 1 pair Tennis / athletic shoes - Optional

  • 2-5 pair socks (recommended wool or non-cotton)

  • 1 pair good quality Leather work Gloves

  • 1 Camo hat or other baseball cap (muted colors)

  • 1 set face paint (black, green, tan)

  • 1 Sleeping bag (mosquito net optional)

  • 1 Poncho or raincoat (muted colors)

  • Tarp or rain fly- must be large enough to house you and your gear.

  • 50 ft- Rope or cord for lashing

  • Flashlight / head lamp (extra batteries)

  • Matches/ Lighter

  • Knives-(large pocket knife or medium sheath knife would be best)

  • Water bottles / canteens / Camelbak (must be attachable to your person)(you must have a total of 2 quarts of water with you at all times)

  • PT gear (T-shirt, shorts, exercise in. Sweatpants and sweatshirt are optional.  Does not need to be muted) - Optional

  • Bug spray and Sunscreen - Optional

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, Deodorant and Toilet Paper in zip lock bag

  • Soap and 1 Bath Towel

  • 1 Toboggan or sock hat (muted colors) - Optional

  • 1 Compass

  • Simple first aid supplies (moleskin, foot powder, band-aids, etc.)

  • Plastic bags to store your clothes in wet weather. (Garbage bags, or zip lock is ok)

  • 1 Bible (preferably not a huge Study Bible) Both Testaments

  • 3- pencils and or pens

  • 2 small notebooks

  • 1 Backpack (at least large enough to carry a day’s supplies).  It is not necessary to purchase an expensive one, just bring the best you have or can borrow.  (Muted colors)


This training is for the 2018 Challenge Basic Staff. All Timothy Group alumni ages 16+ are eligible to attend. Not all who attend CST will staff the upcoming CHALLENGE event. If you are interested in being considered for this training and selection, contact the office at matthew@timothygroup.org.

CST will be located in Columbus, Georgia. Arrive at Flat rock state park in Columbus no later than 1030 am on the 23rd.

Cost: $100. Bring your own food for Wednesday and Thursday.

You will receive CST Orders by email.


Remember, our enemy, the devil hates it when young men step into a position of leadership -- especially when that leadership involves training up other future men. As it says in 1 Corinthians 16:13: BE WATCHFUL, STAND FIRM IN THE FAITH, ACT LIKE MEN, BE STRONG.



SPIRITUAL: Pray that God will use this week to mold each of us into Godly Men for the Army of Jesus Christ and that nothing would distract us from hearing God’s mission for our lives. Pray now that God would prepare your heart for the important leadership training you will receive.

PHYSICAL: Commit to working out on a regular basis and being in good physical shape prior to Challenge. Begin today to set up a work out routine. Be accountable to someone in your family!


42+ push-ups in 2 minutes
52+ sit-ups in 2 minutes
2 mile run in 16 minutes or less

This is a private event and not open to the public. If you have received an official invitation you can register here.

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