Since the year 2000, The Timothy Group has been training young men and growing.  Below we will take you on a chronological journey of the transformation of God’s program.

(i)    CHALLENGE  This six day course began as an experiment to show how God can use the military training (rappelling, land navigation, first-aid, leadership, followership, teambuilding, problem-solving, marksmanship) to attract the attention of a young man.  Once the attention was gained we could them infuse the word of God (biblical studies, shared life experiences of mature Christian men, prayer time, practical application of spiritual truths) into the training and thus build Godly character into the young man.  The worked well and grew for several years. During the six days, the young man learns the following:
Challenge Basic Graduation Certificate Hours
•    Introduction to Communications & Speech    4 Hours
•    Mathematics                5 Hour
•    Life Science                2 Hour
•    Earth Science              30 Minutes
•    Biology                    1 Hour
•    Chemistry                1 Hour
•    Environmental Science            3 Hours
•    Government                3 Hour
•    Economics                1 Hour
•    Health and Physical Education        20 Hour

Government through speeches and reference study
Students learn about and apply issues that helped create the democratic foundations of this nation. CHALLENGE introduces students to the ideas that shaped the nation. CHALLENGE inspires students to be informed citizens and understand how the United States compares on a global scale. (3-hour)

Economics through applied supply and demand
Presented with timely and engaging content, students understand the principles of economics. Students apply the key microeconomic concepts of supply and demand as well as the role of prices. (1-hour)

Sciences through land navigation, rock climbing, rappelling, and outdoor adventure.
Compelling lessons cover aspects of ecology, biosphere, land, forests and soil, water, energy and resources, and societies and policy. Students cover basic structure and rock formation.  Students apply scientific theory and concepts to real-world dilemmas. Students understand the diverse needs of living organisms.  Application is made to other topics, such as human biology and health. (7.5-Hours)

Mathematics through Land Navigation, Problem-solving, and Puzzles.
Mathematical reasoning is introduced with a study of triangulation map work, including exposure to plotting, and geometric constructions. Students model real-world phenomena they encounter daily, such as calculating distances, height, and navigation. Students apply their knowledge of circumference, area, and volume, as well as cross-sections of solids and rotations of two-dimensional objects. Students learn the concepts and apply trigonometry (sine, cosine, and tangent), the Pythagorean Theorem, distance and midpoint, and volume. (5-hour)

Health and Fitness through Physical Conditioning, Teambuilding, and Social behavior
Students learn about the major body systems, common maladies, and associated career specialties.  Students learn key elements of first aid, terminology, anatomy and physiology, pathologies, diagnostic and the fundamentals of medical emergency care. Throughout the course, instructional activities emphasize safety, professionalism, accountability, and efficiency. (2-hour)

Students delve into the fundamental concepts of sociology. Students use teambuilding, leadership, and followership to covers cultural diversity and conformity, basic structures of society, individuals and socialization, stages of human development as they relate to sociology, deviance from social norms, social stratification, racial and ethnic interactions, gender roles, family structure, the economic and political aspects of sociology, the sociology of public institutions, and collective human behavior. (1-hour)
Students have the power to make responsible, respectful, informed, and capable decisions about topics that affect the well-being of themselves and others. (2-hour)

Students exercise fitness and physical health. (15-Hour)
Language Arts through Briefing, Public Speaking, Note Taking, and Devotions

Students explore topics related to public speaking, effective listening, interviews, and media analysis. Students use visual learning, effective listening skills, censorship, propaganda, and reasoning, and characteristics of human communication, verbal and nonverbal messages and differences in the areas of listening and responding. Engaging lectures and interactive activities, explore self-awareness and perception in communication.  Students critique and analyze informative and persuasive speeches. (4-hours)

(ii)    CST - As the student body grew over the years so our need for a larger staff grew and our need for a more qualified, experienced staff grew.  We developed a Challenge Staff Training (CST) program.  This three day total submersion course is followed by a nine month distance learning course.  Various experience leaders will take the student through in-depth reading and experiential courses throughout the year.  The training focuses the future staff member on the need for spiritual maturity and experience, the needs of the student, planning, problem-solving, mentoring, guided discussions, faculty lead instruction, building subject matter expertise in one event, progress reports, administering feedback sessions.  At the end of the training the training a successful student is formally brought into an entry level staff position.  Instructors come from the United States Air Force Squadron Office College, United Sates Army Marksmanship Unit, United States Navy Medical Corps, Key Note Speakers from nationally recognized institutions.

(iii)    Southeast Homeschool  EXPO – We attend this largest EXPO in the South East each year as lecturers and vendors.  This experience provides us with an audience of parents who seek avenues of education for their sons.  We offer advice on child rearing, father son relationships.  Many of our students come from this contact.  

(iv)    INTRO – Out of a cry for help form the parent of the Homeschool EXPO, we developed a course of instruction for the younger boys (ages 9-13).  This course is an introduction to the CHALLENGE program.  The young men are taught the same skills as the older boys with a less stressful tempo, more food, and more sleep.  The bible instruction is the main focus with the excitement still in sight.

(v)    Rappel Training – We have grown our rappelling expertise over the years and now have a nationally recognized and certified rappel staff.  Our six certified rappel masters have instructed hundreds of students around the Continental United States.  SWAT teams in Marietta Georgia, Fire and Rescue teams in Central North Carolina, Boy scouts in OHIO, rescue teams in Central Texas, youth groups all over the Southeast.

(vi)    MEHRST - Medical Extraction High Risk Situation Training. As we have grown in the medical training field we developed a specialized medical training course.  The skills learned in this event will directly lend to deployments to the unreachable parts of the globe.  MERHST trains in 3 basic areas: emergency medical, squad tactics and land navigation. This experience provides hands on life saving skills by applying the basics of emergency medicine. Proficiency in the team work necessary for tactical squad movements is a result of this intense course. Application of compass and map in order to navigate even when there is not a GPS available. The philosophy for MEHRST focused training on giving young men an opportunity to test themselves in a strenuous non-stop three day event held entirely outdoors. Our training involves Biblical teaching, stress and simulated traumatic environments. We explore several stories of ancient warriors in the Bible and learn about leadership, faithfulness, teamwork and God’s Providential hand in our lives (2 Timothy 3:16-17.) We train with the mentality of “train hard, fight easy.”  Physical training, long marches with all gear, little sleep and little food helps set the stage for the real world deployments that are in our future. (James 1:2-4). Opportunity to apply all learned skills are offered in simulated combat rescue missions (Psalm 144:1).  Nationally registered and certified paramedics teach this course with oversight and additional training provided by the United States Marine Corps Corpsmen and United States Navy Seal instructors.

(vii)    SWET – SCUBA, Water Survival, Evasion, and Tactics is a course for training the skills necessary for gaining access to the unreachable locations around the globe.  Many of our community are not reachable for many reasons.  These people groups may be physical separated for society with no infrastructure (no roads, bridges, or known access).  They may be trapped behind hostile forces or terrain.  SWET offers technical and tactical non-lethal training to may access achievable.

(viii)    Bruce’s ToolBox – is a revenue stream for the Timothy Group.  It initially started as a community service platform in which we teach young me how to build handicap access ramps.  We would volunteer our services to those in need.  This grew to general building projects, then appliance repair, then automotive repair.  Currently we have one licensed contractor, one certified mechanical, one HVAC specialist, and two apprentices who work full time to serve the community.  The repair vehicles, repair home appliances, construct new home additions, maintain residential and small commercial spaces.  This program teaches fathers and sons the art and science of maintenance.  We teach the proper use of tools, the proper building codes, form relationships between fathers and sons, form relationships between men and coworkers, for relationships between father and community leaders.

(ix)    Summer Camp – The timothy group offers summer time camping and day trips to churches and youth groups.

(x)    FORGE – The number one feedback that we get from parents and alumni students is the request to offer extended mentoring sessions for the young men after graduating high school.  This program reinforces the core values introduced during Challenge and at home; facilitates the transition into early adulthood.   This internship program is called FORGE.  The first summer we ran a test group of young men through a condensed version of the program with great success.  The program officially began in January 2013.  There were only four available slots per 10-week session.  Are you ready to take the next step into Christian manhood?  Are you a Timothy Group Challenge Alumni?  Forge is a 10-week refining process that is not your ordinary internship.  The leadership team will help you hone skills useful for the advancement of God’s kingdom.  You will invest time in God’s Word.  You will learn practical life skills.  You will be stretched beyond your comfort zone.  You will bond your heart to God’s will.  Test your spirit today and prepare to impact this world tomorrow.  Young men ages 18-22 years old.  This 10-week program will introduce young men to life skills training in the form of home maintenance, auto maintenance, carpentry skills, medical treatment, leadership, teambuilding, communication, and community service.  Biblical studies will be a consistent part of his weekly life.  The student will deepen his knowledge of skills: rappelling, land navigation, and firearms safety.  Located at the home of Bruce & Laura Stansbury in Columbus, GA.  Session One –Winter, January 17-March 28 2013, ages 18-22, cost $3200.00  Session Two – Spring, April 11-June 20 2013, ages 18-22, cost $3200.00  Session Three – Summer, July 4-August 29 2013, ages 15-18, cost $2970.00, (Please note: this session is 8 weeks in length)  Session Four – Fall, September 12-November 21 2013, ages 18-22, cost $3200.00  Prepare for the missions field, higher education, and the work place.  Know what the bible says about becoming a man, a son, a father, a husband, a leader, and a friend.  Forge will educate you to be more than a conqueror.  Through our studies you will learn to live life to the fullest and impact the world in which God has placed you.  The benefits of an Internship:
Ephesians 2:10   For we are his workmanship, forged in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
Proverbs 27:17   Iron sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

The Timothy Group FORGE Internship is a 10-week mentoring program like none other!  It is designed to meet the needs of young men, ages 18 – 22, who are serious about discovering what it means to be an adult Christian male in today’s society.  FORGE provides life experience opportunities to high school graduates, college students, and those considering careers in construction, medical fields, auto mechanics, missionary fields, or the military.  Over the course of 10 weeks we dig deep into many areas – spiritually, physically, vocationally, emotionally, and relationally.  Being outside of his normal every day setting allows the student a fresh perspective on the type of person God is calling him to be.

Benefits of a FORGE Internship Include:
Reinforces the values of the parents
Experience a full emersion atmosphere that uses biblical principles to solve life issues
Builds physical endurance
Builds camaraderie with other believers
Builds quality character and provides the opportunity to act with integrity
Removes the student from his comfort zone
Unplug from technology to more clearly hear from God and self

Build Spiritual Character in a Supportive Environment
The pivotal point of an internship with FORGE is the spiritual mentoring that takes place on a daily basis.  Whether working hard or playing hard, the connection to God is the main focus.  Being surrounded by the fellowship of a group of young men who are like-minded and can lift one another up raises the standard of accountability and growth to a unique spiritual level.

Have an Edge in the Job Market
Work experience is important. The FORGE Internship is an important part of a job resume. This experience makes the student a more relevant and whole person.  The internship is a highlight in his education and gives him the chance to use the entry level skills learned in a real-world setting. The FORGE Internship provides the opportunity to gain hands on entry-level work experience that can’t be achieved in the classroom. 

Build Physical Fitness
In order to be healthy and fully functional for a lifetime, physical fitness is a key aspect in everyone’s weekly routine.  Biblically speaking, physical fitness is of some value and closely related to spiritual fitness.  Good physical fitness means less health complications throughout life as well as less doctors’ visits, and a more active life overall.  The FORGE routine includes daily physical fitness in the mornings and throughout the day.  Also, one of the most important factors that will determine fitness success is the eating lifestyle that complements it. No matter how hard a person is working out, unhealthy eating habits will not lead to lasting results.  At FORGE, we have a certified nutrition counselor educate and guide our interns with balanced health instruction for optimal results.

Develop Teamwork
The social benefits of teamwork many times outweigh the project itself.  Teamwork produces significance, identification, and potential.  Relationships are developed and tested, for teamwork is not always easy. Through teamwork we learn our role in society--are we leaders or followers? Active or passive followers? Critical or independent thinkers?  Teamwork pushes us to the limits to decide where we function best.

Decide What is the Right Fit for You
Choosing a life path can be a real challenge, especially if you don't have any experience. Yet to get experience you must first find your calling and get involved. It's a hard hurdle that can be difficult to overcome.  The FORGE Internship is a great place to start. If you’re not sure what you want to do with your life, doing an internship is a great way to test the waters. FORGE is involved in many aspects of building a productive life, so you can test your future and find out who you are and what you are capable of!

What Students Have to Say:  "Being around other godly men has helped me realize and work on problems in my own life.  Overall the internship has lived up to The Timothy Group's reputation of challenging young men physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally."  Joseph H.

"My goals for the internship are to be away from my home setting while spending time with other men of God, learning important life skills, and growing closer to God.  The nightly Bible study, conversations that ensue, and being in the company of other men of God is strengthening me spiritually.  I feel I am closer to God and have much more of a personal relationship with Him. Our weekly nutrition classes combined with a healthy diet is making me feel healthier and teaching me to make better decisions about what I put in my body also."  Zachary P.

FThanks for contributing toward the development of the boys.  These are things we see as improvements:  1 nutritional awareness, 2 relational awareness, 3 hunger for God's Word, 4 willingness and desire to discuss spiritual and relational matters, 5 physically fit, look thinner, dense muscle toned, 6 awareness of work areas, 7 increased independence.  Thank you, A Proud Parent.

Internship Sample Outline:
*Sunday - church and rest
*Monday - play: rappelling, rucking, swimming, 4-wheeling, etc.
*Tuesday – community service: property maintenance, basic handy-man tasks, etc.
*Wednesday - work at the church, evening meal & church service
*Thursday – Auto mechanics, advanced outdoor skills training (rescue training, land navigation, survival…)
*Friday - work at my house: house building, property maintenance, vehicle maintenance, etc.
*Saturday - catch all: odds & ends, hopefully an early start on the Sabbath!  Group Bible Study