Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this organization called the Timothy Group?

Just as Paul, a spiritually mature Christian, mentored Timothy, a young man who was leading his community, so we desire to educate and mature our young men in the ways of God. Our name is derived from the two books of the bible, 1st and 2nd Timothy. The Timothy Group teachings come from these two books of the Holy Bible. We desired to develop a community where our spiritually mature men could mentor our younger men on a continuing basis. During our outdoor events we achieved an atmosphere where the human nature and spiritual strength meet. Sometimes the physical strength meets up with the spiritual nature. The boys truly recognize who they are on the inside. Then the mentoring process can start. With God's help we can guide the young men on the path of maturity and character.


  • Challenge Basic: 13-23
  • Challenge Extreme: 14-23
  • MEHRST: 14-25
  • SWET: 16-29

What is Staff?

Staff consists of Challenge alumni who are chosen to help lead at Challenge. All Staff members have attended and have graduated from the Challenge Staff Training (CST) process.

How do I get chosen for Staff?

In order to serve in a staff position you must first graduate from the BASIC, or EXTREME course. The staff will be watching the students during all activities. During the last day of an event, the staff may approach students who are to be on staff. If you would like to be considered for a staff position,contact us online. Once selected for staff you must attend Challenge Staff Training (CST).

What is CST?

Challenge Staff Training (CST) is a program whereby a potential staff member is analyzed, tested, selected, and trained for a position on the Challenge Staff team. The testing and selection lasts three days. The training process lasts for about 9 months and is completed through correspondence.

What are the benefits of the FORGE internship program?

Benefits of a FORGE Internship Include:

  • Reinforces the values of the parents
  • Experience a full emersion atmosphere that uses biblical principles to solve life issues
  • Builds physical endurance
  • Builds camaraderie with other believers
  • Builds quality character and provides the opportunity to act with integrity
  • Removes the student from his comfort zone
  • Unplug from technology to more clearly hear from God and self