Gospel-Centered Operations
to Aug 18

Gospel-Centered Operations

Format: Online

Dates: 27 May to 18 AUG 2018

Cost: $100

Instructor: Deputy Director of Operations

This 12-week, online class is for the man who desires to serve with the Timothy Group as the hands and feet of Christ while personifying His love in the global arena.

As the Timothy Group Operations Division has expanded God’s kingdom in restricted nations and served those suffering the painful realities of a fallen world, time and time again we have been drawn back to how Jesus exemplifies and commands that we proceed in adverse situations. 

This course creates a basic framework for understanding how Jesus would have us respond in situations such as persecution and the unjust oppression of the innocent. These and similar topics need to be addressed before complex situations arise and fog your thought process.

With each topic in this course, we recount a relevant situation encountered by the Operations Division, the handling of similar situations by historical characters, and a Biblical narrative addressing the issue. After reviewing personal, historical, and scriptural encounters with the issue, a scenario with an ethical or moral dilemma is given for you to solve and scriptural support is required in that decision.

This course is open to individually approved applicants only. If you would like to be considered for this course, please email nathan@timothygroup.org and insert "Request for Gospel-Centered Operations" in the subject line of your email. Include in the email your full name, the reason you would like to take this course, previous involvement with the Timothy Group, and any other pertinent information.

If you are accepted, you will be notified by email, directed to a method of payment, and then given access to the course materials.

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