We are a leadership school for young men,
teaching practical applications of spiritual truth.


We are a faith-based non-profit organization combining specific armed forces training with Biblical teaching to forge an elite warrior for Christ.

The Timothy Group graduate values human life at home and abroad and is willing to be a living sacrifice so that others may live to know their Creator.

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Rappel Training

Rappel Training on a CH-47 Chinook Simulator

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We can provide rappel training that ranges from the novice training of rope and hardware to the advanced rescue and tactical applications of the ROK Marine rappel and window entry.  Check out the Events page for more info.


Are you ready for medical emergencies?  How well do you respond under pressure?  Want to work better with your team? Then come join The Timothy Group as we bring our training to central Arkansas for Medical Extraction High Risk Situation Training also known as “MEHRST”.

This quality training from certified instructors will teach you how to respond to medical emergencies through scenario and team based settings.  MEHRST will build on each  module and reinforce the training with hands on lessons.  This will be indoor and outdoor training.  


I love everything about Challenge Basic. Every activity is perfect, and the goal of culturing a strong faith inside men is definitely working.  It is always interesting to see actual skills and certain habits that recruits go back home with. I love the program you have built and thank God every day for directing me to such a great and unique group influential men.  E.D. Georgia
I know how much the benefits of this program have helped me. I strongly urge you to give what you can; you are investing in the next leaders of this country. – Isaac H

The purpose of the week was to break down each student and instill one concept: apart from Christ we are weak, apart from Christ we are nothing. By the end of the week, I realized how much I needed the strength of Jesus in my life, and luckily, the last night there was an altar-call for anyone who wanted to begin a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many of the recruits did so, myself included. I remember the joy and freedom of that moment, and the pressure of life being lifted from my shoulders. From that moment, my life would never again be the same. - T. Noyes

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