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Island MEDEVAC Team Race

  • Hartwell, GA, 30643 United States (map)

Contact us and express interest if you think we should hold this event again!

Hosted by the Timothy Group Medical Team. This premier event is by invitation only.

This team race will be an assessment and training challenge for Timothy Group alumni. Participants must have prior medical training or else complete the preceding MEHRST/TCCC training. The race will involve entry from the water of an island location, navigation to injured personnel, preforming of interventions for trauma, and packaging and transport to an evacuation point. Teams will operate covertly so as to avoid a simulated opposition force. Upon MEDEVAC completion, teams will exit by water and swim to the finish point.

Location: "Bear Island" at Lake Hartwell, GA. Map and island information will not be disclosed until the day of the race.
The meeting location is: 6165 Lavonia Hwy, Lavonia, GA 30553. A guide car will direct you from there to the starting line.

Arrival: Arrive at the meeting location promptly at 17:00. You will then register, make your camp for when you return that night, and prepare your gear and drybag. The race will begin at 18:30. Be at the starting line no less than 20 minutes before the start time to communicate with your spotter and review the rules.

Physical preparation: The swim will be the distance of approximately 650 meters. Total on land travel should not exceed 3 miles, including patient transport. Be physically prepared to transport a patient of 180 lbs. using your team's gear and primitive resources.

You must complete a release from liability waiver before you are considered registered.

An OPORD document, recommended gear list, and risk assessment are available as part of your registration packet. If you do not receive this within 2 business days of registration, contact the office. For all other requests pertaining to this event, contact

Computer generated example of island location.