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June 20 BASIC Rappel Training


Want to learn to Rappel?

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DATE: June 20, 2015

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DESCRIPTION:       This 8 hour course covers rappelling basics indoor and outdoor.  The indoor class teaches you about rappelling safety/rappelling gear and its application, rappelling knots and application, and rigging points needed for rappelling.  The outdoor portion reviews safety procedures, knots, gear, and rigging points; then you learn how to safely rappel and do several rappels.  Rappelling test and knot exam. (This course is subject to a 3-person minimum) $85/person  Note:  You will receive a Level1 rappelling certification ID card upon request and successful completion of this class and exams for a processing fee of $15.00.

LOCATION: Woodbury, GA 


  1. Proper knot tying related to rappelling
  2. Proper belay techniques
  3. Proper rappel techniques
  4. Safety measures during rappel operations
  5. Proper anchor point rigging
  6. Proper rappel command                                                                

ATTENDEES:     This is a course for first time rappellers.  All interested are invited to participate.

Students are tested on:

    Tie the Hip rappel (Swiss) seat (the 90 seconds)

    Hook-up to a rappel rope without deficiency (15 seconds)

    Conduct three rappels

Knot tying performance: four different knots (two minutes each)

Anchor Point Rigging

Written Test

Students must pass all tests to graduate and are allowed one retest per exam.

Age Range: 9 and above
Travel:   Classroom sessions and Wall/Tower Rappels will train at our facility in Woodbury, Ga.

Registration Window: Now through 13 June 2015 at Register Now!

Payment: $85 is due by 13 JUN 2015.

Directions to Rappel Site.

Waivers must be printed and signed.

Registration must be completed one week in advance of training.

We provide rappel training that ranges from the novice training of rope and hardware description to the advanced applications.