Aug 31


  • Dogwood Acres



The Timothy Group is pleased to present a reformatted MEHRST program for Fall of 2017. MEHRST is open to CHALLENGE alumni only.

Do you want to learn how to treat trauma victims in a high stress situation? Then this training is for you! Join us for fun, training, and Christian brotherhood as we learn basic medical skills, apply teamwork, and hone our land navigation skills.

Program: MEHRST 2017 will train Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) to bring all students to a base level of knowledge to be able to work effectively as a team.


Shaun D. Garner

I joined the Navy in 1994 as a hospital corpsman and started my career as a Fleet Marine Force trained corpsman stationed with a Marine infantry unit in Kaneohe Bay Hawaii and did multiple deployments and Jungle Warfare Training in Okinawa Japan. After several years with the Marines, I was selected for Respiratory Therapy (RT) training at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas. I completed one hospital command before I changed direction with a more expeditionary mission in mind. I attended Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center second-class diver course followed by Deep Sea Diving Medical Technician in which I graduated Honor Man for class 06-30-DMT. After graduation I was stationed at Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit 11 for five years where I went to advanced hyperbaric training and several tactical medicine courses, Cold Weather medicine course at the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center , US Airborne (jump school), and certified HRRST/CAST master training. I trained multiple EOD teams for combat deployments and deployed a couple of times as well. I left EODMU11 for Hawaii again as the Naval Special Warfare Group 3 Training Detachment lead corpsman where I was in charge of training Seal Delivery Vehicle Team One (SDVT1) platoons in diving medicine courses and advanced Tactical Combat Casualty Care for all deploying teams. There I was involved in the land warfare phase, which included land navigation, sniper courses, tracking, assault and urban combat. The diving phase included cold water/weather over the beach (OTB) training, multiple diving apparatus changes, and diving operations rescue training. During all training evolutions, I was responsible to coordinate real world emergency coordination with multiple civilian and military assets.

I gave my life to Christ in 1998 while in Hawaii and began a relationship with our Heavenly Father that has endured and outlasted my naval career. His presence in my heart was a constant source of encouragement throughout every difficulty the military lifestyle has in store for family life. My wife and I have been married since 1995 and have two children. We have three other children that the Lord has brought us since we retired and moved to Pensacola in 2014. God has been the center of our marriage since 1998. God has guided us to countless encounters with his family all over the world and continues to lead us to new and exciting opportunities.

Location: MEHRST will be located at Dogwood Acres Retreat Center in Chipley, FL

May 14



Medical Extraction High Risk Situation Training

Do you want to learn how to treat trauma victims in a high stress situation? Then this training is for you! Join us for fun, training and Christian brotherhood as we learn basic medical skills, apply teamwork and hone our land navigation skills.

For 2016 our focus is going to be on Lifeguard training and certification through the Red Cross.



Dates: May 12-14, 2016

Location: Schalchlin Land and Neil Daniels Farm in Lonoke County Arkansas.

                Address for arrival and departure will be:

                845 Daniels Rd

                Carlisle AR, 72024

For more information cantact Joesph Schalchlin: Cell 501-680-2643 or email