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Moon Walk (click here for details)

  • pine mountain trail FDR state park, ga (map)

  Dates and times to be determined.  Stay tuned for details

The Timothy Group will be taking a ruck march along the Pine Mountain Trail this fall.  A qualified instructor will be leading the group.  We will travel approximately 8 miles.  We will ruck at a slow rate of 30 minutes per mile.  We will take 15 minute breaks every hour.  This hike will be at night.  The moon will be full.  We will discuss the importance of night vision.  We will discuss the importance of focus and tips to avoid distraction in our daily lives.  Team building concepts will center on how to overcome the burdens in our life; overcoming the darkness with light.

Date: TBD

We will arrive the State Park at 10 pm.  A gear preparation class will begin at 10:15 pm.  This class will get the weight corrected as well as teach gear cross loading, noise discipline, and gear retrieval efficiency.  We will have a time of fellowship, hydration and rest prior to "stepping out" at midnight.

The hike will be a slow pace with safety being the watch word.   The group will stay together and rest every 45 minutes to hydrate, foot care, fellowship and discuss God's word concerning our actions in the "present darkness".

The hike will conclude at an east facing bluff where we will enjoy God's glorious sunrise, a Sunday morning service, a catered breakfast and fellowship.


Cost 75.00 per person  (Includes:  food, guide, lessons, and keepsake)

Don't want to carry any gear?  Fine, come along for the camaraderie. 


The moon will rise Saturday evening at 5:06 pm.  The illumination will be at 99 percent.  The moon will set Sunday morning at 7:06 am.  Sunrise: Sunday, 7:12 am.

Temperatures: Hiking temp: 66F             Sunrise service Temp:  49F

Regarding the ages for the Midnight Ruck march...All interested are invited.  We will be walking/hiking/rucking at night.  It will be cold.  Dress in layers.  We will get warm while hiking and then cool off while resting.  Do pay attention to your physical well being.  Put on layers and then peeling them off as your body demands it.  We will get thirsty so bring a way to drink on the go.  We will have plenty of water on hand as we need a refill.

With regards to recuperation:  There are campsites and cabins available at Franklin D Roosevelt State Park.  See the park website for details.  We will end at Dowdell's Knob for the sunrise service and breakfast, so ask for the sites that are close that. 

The dads and boys do need to carry a rucksack or some kind of pack only if they want to.  The focus is the fellowship and the learning.  I am my staff will be carrying packs but this is for our training and fitness.  Later next year the Timothy Group will be going on two mission trips to carry food, medical supplies, and bibles to hard to reach people groups.  

Please continue to seek God's wisdom in encouraging fathers and sons to join us. God would love for them to experience this together.

As for the water, two or three water bottles in a backpack would be enough.  I do prefer the water bladders myself.  If this adventure seems a first, do not make any unnecessary expenses. 

This hike does require some quality shoes that offer ankle support.  The trail at FDR park does have some sections which are steep and others that are full of roots and loose rocks.  We will be traveling at a slow and cautious pace.  Good shoes are a must.

The hike team will have two medical people on hand.  We will have radio communication with EMT transport.  We will have medical aid check stations at several points along the way.  The Georgia State Patrol will have two units patrolling GA Hwy 190 during the event.




  • Begin Hydrating now.
  • Wear quality hiking boots that provide ankle support.
  • Wear layered clothing, pack the layers you do not want to wear. 
  • Find a comfortable weight of your gear.
  • Walk or hike with your gear. 
  • Pack your gear in an organized manner so you know where it is.
  • Tie all of the items you will be handling in the dark to your back pack with 550 cord.
  • Take a nap Saturday afternoon.
  • Arrive at 10pm  
  • Settle your gear and ensure you know the location of all your belongings. 

Hydration tips:  

  • I recommend using a hydration system
  • Sip frequently as you hike along
  • Never let yourself get significantly thirsty
  • Snack on salty items at regular intervals to replenish electrolytes
  • Do not rely on thirst or how you feel as your sole guide to hydration
  • Dehydration will leave you feeling tired, headachey, and grumpy


For weight training try these tips. How about 2 bricks if you are under 150 lbs, 4 bricks if you are over 150 lbs. Bricks can weigh 4 lbs a piece. Bricks can be wrapped in a towel to soften the edges.   Try 2 sandbags under 150 or 4 over 150.  Sandbags should be 4 lbs.  we are looking for same weight; same struggle. 

Pre-event planning:

  • Timothy Group Staff will recon the route
  • Timothy Group Staff will ensure endpoint offers a magnificent view of the sunrise
  • Timothy Group Staff will stage water, food, and medical vehicles along the route

    Dates and times to be determined.  Stay tuned for details