Recruits: The following list is NOT a suggestion.  You will need to bring what is listed, as it is listed. 

Your clothing and anything that is visible must be of a muted or subdued color.  This means, browns, greens, and or grey.  Bright colors are not acceptable such as red, white, orange, yellow and any other bright high visibility color.  This applies to your clothing as well as your poncho, backpack, etc. There are ways to mute your gear without having to purchase new equipment.

  • Ear protection

    At least 2 pair BDU woodland camo trousers

    1 pair long pants (be prepared for mud-crawling and briars – muted colors please)

    1 BDU blouse

    4 plain t-shirts (muted colors.  No bright shirts.  No shirts with emblems or graphics)

    1 pair Hiking boots (ideally waterproof)

    1 Whistle

    Eye protection. Clear (not shaded)

    1 pair Tennis / athletic shoes

    7 pair socks (recommended wool or non-cotton)

    1 pair good quality Leather work Gloves

    1 Camo hat or other baseball cap (muted colors)

    1 set face paint (black, green, tan)

    1 Sleeping bag (mosquito net optional)

    1 Poncho or raincoat (muted colors)

    Tarp or rain fly- must be large enough to house you and your gear. (Recruits May Not bring a Tent however Dads may)

    50 ft- Rope or cord for lashing

    Flashlight / head lamp (extra batteries)

    Matches/ Lighter

    Knives-(large pocket knife or medium sheath knife would be best)

    Water bottles / canteens / Camelbak (must be attachable to your person)(you must have a total of 2 quarts of water with you at all times)

    PT gear (T-shirt, shorts, exercise in. Sweatpants and sweatshirt are optional.  Does not need to be muted)

    Bug spray and Sunscreen

    Toothbrush, toothpaste, Deodorant and Toilet Paper in zip lock bag

    Soap and 1 Bath Towel

    1 Toboggan or sock hat (muted colors)

    1 Compass 

    Simple first aid supplies (moleskin, foot powder, band-aids, etc.)

    Plastic bags to store your clothes in wet weather. (Garbage bags, or zip lock is ok)

    1 Bible (preferably not a huge Study Bible) Both Testaments

    3- pencils and or pens

    2 small notebooks

    1 Backpack (at least large enough to carry a day’s supplies).  It is not necessary to purchase an expensive one, just bring the best you have or can borrow.  (Muted colors)

Each recruit and Dad should pack individually!  All gear should be packed in such a way as to be carried about one mile (rollers won’t help). YOU will have to carry all your own gear.  Therefore, I recommend that you bring as little as possible! (Dad’s gear may be put on truck)


If you are flying in and will have extra travel items (such as clean clothes, cell phones, i-pods, etc.) this will need to be packed separately and turned in to the Challenge Staff before the start of Training. These items will be returned after Training. 


RECRUITS MAY NOT BRING any food of any type –you will be given adequate food for the week. If you have a specific food need please contact the First Officer. Dad’s will also be given adequate food but may bring extra food, which they may not share with recruits. You may not bring firearms or fireworks. 


CHALLENGE 2017 Pastoral Reference Letter

Dear Pastor,
Thank you for receiving this pastoral reference letter. The Timothy Group is a leadership school for young men, teaching practical applications with spiritual truths. CHALLENGE Basic is a one week training program conducted by the Timothy Group, in which we use technical and military-style training with Biblical teaching to engage young men. We require a pastor's reference for young men to attend.
CHALLENGE Basic is designed for young men who know Jesus as their Savior, and seek to grow in strength and godliness. However, we will mentor any young men that God brings our way.
Here are a few questions to consider about the young man:
1. Does the young man desire Christ-like character? Those who seek growth will receive the most benefit. See Matthew 5:6; Psalm 15
2. Can the young man operate under authority? CHALLENGE will require complete and swift execution of orders given by the officers.
3. Is the young man prepared to endure hardship? CHALLENGE will push the young man's limits in physical fitness, cooperation with members of a team, and with the mental challenge of running hard with little in the stomach and less sleep than normal. See II Timothy 2:3


Church name and location:
Phone number:
Printed name:
Thank you. Please send this document to CHALLENGE 2017, c/o The Timothy Group, PO Box 1701, Forston, GA 31808, or
scan and send to

Challenge Basic Prep Routine

Start 3-4 Months Prior To Event                   (RPS = “Reps Per Set”)
Warm Up
Jumping Jacks – 30 Reps | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Push Ups
30+ RPS | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Sit Ups
40+ RPS | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
15 Min.
2-3 Min.

Warm Up
Jumping Jacks – 30 Reps | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Pull Ups
5+ RPS | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
30+ RPS | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
1 Min. Per Set | 2 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Warm Up
Run – 5 Min.
Flutter Kicks
1 Min. Per Set | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Challenge Basic Prep Routine
Mountain Climbers
1 Min. Per Set | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
1 Min. Per Set | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
15 Min.
2-3 Min.
Warm Up
Jumping Jacks – 30 Reps | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Push Ups
Max Reps | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Pull Ups
Max Reps | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Sit Ups
Max Reps | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Max Reps | 3 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
1 Min. Per Set | 2 Sets | 1 Min. Rest
Rest Day
Rest Day
Rest Day
Challenge Basic Prep Routine
Prepping Tips!
 Warm Up - Make sure to always warm up before your workout. Warm up
means to get blood-flow to the areas you’re about to focus on within your
training. Warming up will keep muscles from cramping and will also assist in a
more beneficial training session.
 PT Gear - When working out, make sure to be in something comfortable and
not constricting to yourself or your training. (Sweat pants, shorts, tennis shoes,
 1 Mile - If you don’t know how far a mile is for your run, ask a parent or adult to
aid you in finding a complete mile. Using a vehicle is the best way to find the
distance you need to complete your training.
 Perfect Form - As you train, ensure that all exercises are done in perfect form.
Perfect form means better results and functional strength for yourself and your
body if you continue to train in the future. (See Timothy Group Exercises for
 Reps, Sets, and Rest Between Sets:
Reps - reps or “repetitions” is simply how many times you perform an exercise
within a single set. (Ex: 12 reps = 12 push-ups)
Sets – Sets are a complete round of repetitions. Once you have completed the
recommended amount of repetitions for each exercise, you will have completed
a set. Attempt to do as many repetitions as you are able within a set. (Ex: 12 reps
= 1 set)
Rest Between Sets – “Rest between sets” is how much time you allow for your
body to rest between sets in a workout; it’s a short break. Before beginning a
new set, Rest for 1 Minute, then start your next one.
 Stretching – Stretching is a good way to relieve your muscles and joints after a
workout, especially after running a long distance. Make sure to stretch to ensure
optimal recovery after heavy training sessions. (See Timothy Group PT:
 Rest days – Resting is vital to physical training, especially if you’re just
beginning. On your rest days, your body will grow and replenish its energy
reserves for when you train next. So don’t abuse your body too strenuously on
these days.
 Living Clean – While you take up this routine, your body is going to be
undergoing some muscular changes. It is going to be vital that you be living a
clean/healthy lifestyle while doing any sort of physical training. It is vital to do the
following: Have a well balanced diet, stay completely hydrated, and get plenty
of sleep. These will ensure the success of your training and will only help you to
reach your long-term goals.


Spiritual Preparation

Memorize Psalm 15.  That is correct, all five verses.  These will be useful your entire life.

Memorize Psalm 23

Some scriptures that will give you strength and courage for the week include...

Seek God first in all that you do.  Put Him before everything, and do this with joy.  This is based on and supported by Matthew 6:33-34 "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."  Squad Officer Downey


Stand fast, on the chief corner stone.  "Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded"(1 peter 2:6).  If we stand on Christ we cannot be shaken, so make Christ the center of your life.  Executive Officer Hudson
Just as we must train and learn how to properly employ our carnal weapons (firearms, knives, fists, etc.) so we must train and study to know our spiritual weapons (scripture, prayer, etc.). Daily seek God's wisdom and search for his ways and you will be unbeatable.  Office Ferrill
This week you will learn much and be through much. You will be forged by the crucible of difficulty into a young man of Christ.  You will learn that without Jesus you can do nothing, but with Him you can do all things. Satan knows this; he hates your guts. As 1 Peter 5:8 says he prowls about seeking whom he may devour.  Be alert. Be self-controlled. The devil is going to fiercely and subtly attack you. He sees what God is working in you and he will try to hinder that great work at all cost. But we serve the all-powerful God. In Christ Alone is found victory. Be alert. Be self-controlled. Run with endurance the race that is set before you.  Persevero,  Squad Officer Samuel Schalchlin

"Men. It is only in Christ that you can Stand Fast. In Christ Alone. In Christ alone is your only hope to stand. But with Christ you can stand against all. In Christ you can indeed be the strong Christian man you so strive to be. But it is only in Christ. In Christ Alone."  Galatians 2:20-21Logistical Officer Joseph Schalchlin

1 samuel 24.  As children of God, our purpose in life is 1: Give glory to God and 2: Fulfill his purpose for us.  As such it is our duty to stand fast even if we do not see his plan for us yet.  By not taking Saul's life in that cave David was trusting God and realizing that God’s plan and God’s timing for that plan is the absolute best.  He chose to stand in his faith in God and that his life was in God's hands. God does have a plan for us and the best thing that we can do for that plan is to trust that it does exist and keep ourselves emotionally, physically and mentally available as soldiers of God.  Staff Officer Hudson

Confidence.  According to the Latin roots, this word means, “to KNOW FAITH”.  Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  God wants you to know faith.  God has a plan for each of you.  His plan will take you out of your comfort zone.  God wants you to be dependent on Him.  Live your life dependent on God.  Do not be afraid to trust God.  Hone your ability to hear from Him.  When you hear, be obedient.  Your obedience will lead to action.  The action will result in experience.  This action and experience will build your confidence.  Bruce Stansbury, Program Director