Middle East Update

For security reason the naming of team members and location are extracted from this document.  Please pray about your ability to support our members doing God's will on this earth.

The first day started off with a lot of activity.  Treated a couple traumas.  Had a few different engagements throughout the day.  The city hit first by mortar fire and then by helicopter attacks dropping bombs on the city. The city has probably about 70 to 80% of the structures, all cement buildings, have been grossly affected by either either bombs or mortars. A lot of buildings have been rattled by small-arms fire at some point. I don't think that is very recent. While it is a risk, that doesn't seem to be a big concern at this moment. Mainly just annoyance and of course if the regime wanted to they could level the city like they did at a neighboring city or one of the others. Mainly it's just been periodic, sporadic. Just trying to keep this city under Fear (notice this tactic of the enemy, spiritual and physical). And as far as the city goes a lot of the men walk around armed with AK47s.  Allot of them have side arms.  They do have mortar capability.  A couple times they have fired back on the Regime. If there is a mortar attack no one bats an eye.  However, if a helicopter comes to drop heavier munitions, bombs on the city, then people head to a bomb shelter, mainly the women and children. Even some of the young children 14 and up have an AK and go on a more operational capability outside of the bomb shelter or guarding it.  They do seem to be able to see the attack helicopter while it is a good distance away from the city.  They do have Observation posts set up around the city at several different places 24/7 and are on watch. The time from when we hear that there is a helicopter coming until the first bomb is dropped on the city is around 26 minutes.  Good lead time there. They're able to see the helicopter being mobilized a long ways out. That being said there have been a couple false alarms when we have been headed to the bomb shelter. Got there. Waited for 20-30 minutes and then word came around that the helicopter was actually headed to a different town. It veered off in a different direction and attacked some other town around here.  We are very intent on being hands-off in any military aspect. Of course we're willing to protect and preserve Lives around us but I do not want to get involved in the political situation. Also do not want to appear to be a military presence.  We do rely on and trust the locals.  We are very aware of security elements.  And have done some drills and discussed plans of how we operate. How we move. How we communicate as a team in order to identify and deal with any concerns that do come up security wise.  For the most part this Village particularly just because of the touchy situation that it is in.  They run a tight ship as far as the top leadership in the village really knowing everybody.  Their movement and ideology etcetera.   In this town there are currently about 500 people. Many of them have, during the war, fled into Lebanon or elsewhere. So 500 left and about 2000 in the adjoining City. They're together. They're just named separately. One's a suburb of the other.  In that other City there are two thousand remaining is our Intel at this point.  Out of that 2,500 people there are right now about 200 pregnant women.  We are overloaded with pregnancies, check ups, complications, that is a real undertaking at the moment.  We have a doctor who specializes in that area.  We have been utilizing our trauma surgeon here.  Minor surgeries and there are coming up dealing with a question right now of C-sections and an amputation of a lady with a progressed condition in one of her legs. Sometimes people are able to be evacuated to Israel but that is outside of our control. Honestly that's not so much based on medical need as it is  on the political relationship and Israeli security.  That is unfortunate for some cases.  Many treatment options do not exist here because the tactical or the political advantage is not present due to international relationships.   Personnel on the ground here do have to buckle down and deal with whatever is thrown at them. Locally here a dentist has been stepping into the role of a doctor.   We have a dentist here in town that has even been performing surgeries.  Stepping up in a time of great need.  Medically they actually do have some sound on nurses.  Really know what's going on and great at what they do.  There are four of them.  
Translation is difficult.  We have a Few translators.  None of them with great English.  Two of them are quite proficient but always a little bit labored in translation.  
As far as needs right now, we we are equipped as far as medical equipment.  In the places where we do not have sufficient supplies, relations are established sufficiently with a border country, that we are able to get pretty much whatever we need.  As far as physical things medical equipment, medications that we need.  We are well situated there. Security and tactically, we are trying to rely on the locals as much as possible.  We do have e ability to move stuff in it need be.  We have not seen that yet.  We have been offered by the locals some
capabilities in that area that we have accepted.  Things are developing in that area more. We just wanted to come in with a very trusting spirit with them and felt that was necessary in order to become implanted in this community. So far that's been very positive and just love the atmosphere that the heart of the local.  They are very joyful to have us. They go forth with very much a servant's heart and that has been great.
A big need is medical personnel.  More specifically, more advanced medical personnel.
Also another side of that is just strong male leadership.  Our parent organization has had zero male applicants in this area but they had a 274 female applicants either nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners.  That is extremely disproportionate.  Now is the time and this place really calls for men to step up to the plate as leaders.  Be willing to go to hard places and be willing to sacrifice at home in order to bring the gospel to a rough and unreached region.  We have been disappointed to see those numbers and the lack of men desiring to be involved.
There need right now is leadership and advanced medical personnel, paramedics,  nurses, doctor's, surgeons. A big need is specifically with women's issues.  Midwifery, gynecologist, female personnel.  
I guess in the timeline as things move forward they really need Personnel that are able to commit for 3 plus months.  It's going to be hard for them to fill this and they need some solid men that have been tested in difficult situations. During the winter here where it's pretty much impossible to get Personnel or anything in or out due to snow over the mountains where entry would have to be made. It is crucial that they have that need filled as far as having medical personnel on the ground during the winter.   Hope that is helpful just to give you a picture of the situation.

Medical Relief Operation in the Middle East

The Timothy Group operations sent men to a war torn corner of the Middle East. During the 7 weeks we were on the ground we provided medical training to upward of 50 soldiers in the basics of self aid and buddy care (SABC) and treated hundreds who were wounded in the conflict.

Our purpose was to build bridges into the heart and lives of the citizens and armed forces. We worked closely with missionaries who are dedicated to staying in that region long term in order to mutually use our skills to the lost with the love and salvation of Christ. This allows the relationships we built to continue to be developed by servants of Christ in a region that is often hostile to the gospel.

Upon our arrival in the Middle East with the intent of providing training, a general asked us to also provide medical care to those wounded in the fight to liberate outlying regions. Seeing their dire need for medical care, we joined them to support their efforts and be a light and intercessor as they fought to free their homeland of the threat.

During my time on the front lines, I befriended a general’s son who we will call Alacan. Alacan, with his arm which was deeply scared from a bullet which struck him in war when he was a child, warmly introduced me to his father, his friend Ferza (name changed for privacy) and other men that fought along his side. One night Alacan invited me to share camp alongside him and his men. As we lay under the stars listening to the sound of distant airstrikes, I felt led to share who Jesus was and the sacrifice He made so we could be restored to fellowship with God. After doing so, I asked Alacan if I could pray for him and his men. After he eagerly accepted my offer, we shared a solemn prayer as we reflected on the battle which was to come early in the morning. The next day, reality hit as Alacan delivered Ferza’s bloody and limp body to us for care. He had been struck by a sniper round which penetrated his chest. The grim reality of war was felt but there was no time for tears as artillery and machine guns rattled on. That day, there was seemingly no end to the stream of wounded soldiers. I was in a medivac extracting wounded from the battle field, providing trauma care, and transporting them just behind the front lines to a field hospital. The enemy tried every tactic to deter the liberating forces: car bomb, snipers, mortar, but the strength of spirit inside these men fighting for their home is strong. Just as the spirit of God is stronger in the human than the evil one in the world.

In the days to come, as I tried to process the realities of war, the director of the Timothy Group told me that: “War is not a place that God desires any person to have to experience. It is filled with pain, hatred, suffering and death. Humans should not be asked to ensure that. But the reality is that Jesus came into that environment here on earth and He volunteered to sacrifice so that others may live." The director's statement embodies the reason that we go and serve the lost sheep of this world.

Timothy Group provides Self Aid and Buddy Care training to forces in the Middle East.

God has uniquely gifted graduates of The Timothy Group to go where very few Christians have the ability to go. We are trained and experienced in skydiving, scuba diving. We are paramedics, rappel masters. We can land navigate, problem solve, communicate, teach, repair vehicles, and more. The singular ability that stands a Timothy Group graduate out from his peers is his willingness to impact this world with the spiritual truth revealed in God's holy word. No thing else matters. God is inviting the Timothy Group to go to parts of the world that are physically closed to others. Join the Timothy Group as we join God in His work for us. We will continue to train young men (9 years of age and older) in the characteristics of God. It is important for a young man to know who he is in Christ. It is crucial for a young man to know what Christ is capable of in him. I pray God never relieves us of this honor. Please continue to support us as we upgrade our classroom area. Additionally, we will be replacing worn and outdated training gear. God is asking our most experienced to join him abroad. Help us send them.

In a future newsletter, we will share how God used The Timothy Group to minister to a tribe in the mountains of Central America.

Island Race Planning Trip Report

You've been backpacking before? Well, island camping is a whole different animal. Over the weekend of the second week of March, the Timothy Group sent a team to visit an island on Lake Hartwell for use during a future event. Here's what happened.


4/7 Cool evening. The team showed up to the local boat access with a few hours 'til sunset. Got gear in order, and gathered up for a briefing. Strong winds to the NE, so the guys went up shore a bit to account for drift. Water was chilly. Good-spirited hollering from the guys as we entered the water. Sticking the head under felt like being dunked in an icebox. Numb toes and fingers, okay otherwise. Made the swim without difficulty. Spotters from the boats did a great job sticking with us. The other boaters went ahead and had a fire built on the shore of the inlet by the time we made it there. It was greatly appreciated. Crunched through the woods as the sun went down to the other side, which was a more protected inlet, and built another fire on the shore and started dinner while others set up hammocks for the night. Got a little chilly overnight, nothing too bad.


A.M. Relaxed morning with a hearty breakfast. A couple guys and I kept our noses in the maps most of the meal figuring out how to begin exploring. Broke into two teams, one exploring the strings of island on the southern portion, with mine cutting across the narrow part to get to the NE section. Heavily, HEAVILY overgrown in big patches- it was a big pain to push through at times.  Infant pine trees were like jail bars. Came upon a big open strip running along the high point, and discovered, under several inches of leaves and pinestraw.. beat up asphalt! There had been a road here. Noted good locations for patients and opposition force. Radioed in to the other team, and reconvened later at our camp on the shore for lunch.

P.M. After a long lunch and longer time planning and conferring, crunched back through the woods to where we had come on shore the night before. Guys with drybags tied to them and video folks loaded in boats to run it in, simulating the race. It was a glorious start, and the air was full of energy. The guys, as teams, crashed through the water at full speed, spotters trailing in boats, the drone whizzing overhead, and spectators cheering from the shore. Guys charged into the woods to change in some relative privacy. Dashed back out for the maps, shot an azimuth, and ran back into the woods for the long hustle to the patient location. At long last, made it there. Picked up a guy in the fireman's carry, and immediately regretted not bring a sheet for an improvised stretcher. Got quite the quad workout, and noted the importance of training squats as a medical team. Arrived at the rendezvous point for the MEDEVAC pickup, radioed in.. and nobody was there. We had hardly noticed- we lost our spotters a ways back. MEDEVAC crew was supposed to be placed by the spotters on the way out, and that didn't happen as was intended because of the high speed. Understood because of radio comms that op4 team didn't know where they were, so the two teams went to opposite sides of the narrow area of the island to try and find them- one with the map, the other with the radio. No success. The two teams missed each other attempting to reconnect. Headed back to camp, already nearly exhausted. Pushed through long and miserable patches of jail bars 'til meeting the eastern shoreline, and zigzagged at a run on its rocky surface until in sight of camp. Came in with a big burst of enthusiasm and to a welcome from those at camp. Everyone had made it back together in good time. Dinner was already prepared. Debriefed after dinner. Boated back across to the boat access, said goodbyes and dismissed. It had been a memorable weekend. The guys were welcomed by the hospitality of a local family, and enjoyed hot showers, a room for the night, and a fantastic breakfast before the early morning departure the next day. Praise God for an an excellent, safe trip. 

Winter 2017

Greetings in the name of our Commander-in-Chief, Jesus Christ,

After a brief interim of silence, the Timothy Group is back up and fighting. We are making great progress, and our event plans for the year are quickly falling into place. Here is a concise summary of our progress:

Our Columbus HQ is rolling full steam. Not only is the warehouse and classroom space being put in good order, but our office has now become a functional business space. We are thankful for a Whirlpool stainless steel french door refrigerator that was recently donated to us.

Our events have been coming together for the fall. CHALLENGE Basic is on, and early registration opens March 1st. Our Tactical Carbine training will be happening at the beginning of the summer. A team race in the model of an island MEDEVAC mission will debut in August as an invitation-only trial. A series of advanced training programs at the end of the year are being considered based on leadership availability.

Please be in prayer for our planning and preparations.

We need support for one of our men coming back from the field of foreign missions in August. He is in need of housing and food somewhere in Harris/Muscogee county area. He will only need this support during the times in between training events, for 5-7 weeks. Please send any contacts my way. (info below)

In His Service,

Caleb Bartlett
Administrator for the Timothy Group

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Summer 2015


PO Box 1701, Fortson, GA 31808



CHALLENGE BASIC 2015 Ages 13-16

CHALLENGE EXTREME 2015 Ages 17-21 

October 05-10, 2015


1585 Hadley Road, Pine Mountain, GA 31822.

We will not be holding CHALLENGE at the Boy Scout Camp in Molena or woodbury GA.  Instead we will be on a private farm in Pine Mountain GA.

Register now at: http://timothygroup.org/challenge

Register in September: $400

Dads can register for $200.00

Text or call with any questions  706-570-5719

See http://timothygroup.org/challenge-faq/ for a detailed schedule and educational benefits



Our Lord is looking for strong men, who are tested, toughened disciples ready to defend life and to live life to the fullest in the process. The Mission of CHALLENGE: The mission of Challenge is to present a tool to the parents, specifically the Fathers to strengthen and encourage our young men on their journey to manhood. Challenge seeks to reinforce the godly principles of the home but in an outdoor setting while enduring physical and mental activities. Challenge is not a military camp. Iit is a program based on the military fundamentals of teamwork, courage, selflessness, attention to detail and a sense of urgency. All of these fundamentals used in harmony with participating Fathers and a strong staff team helps reinforce manly ideas and strengths to the young men. The Challenge motto is: “ I will either find a way or make one.” This motto applies not only during Challenge week when the student is required to complete a mission with limited resources, but it applies in the workforce, at home and in our Christian walk. This is the foundation behind Challenge; motivating young men to give their whole heart into their mission. Highly Motivated, Totally Dedicated, Teamwork. Our purpose as Timothy Group men is to educate our young men in the truths found in God’s word. Competence and commitment are instilled. The practical application of spiritual truths is experienced in various forms: missions planning, rescue missions, community service, and leadership roles. We believe hardship is a tool that God uses to build character in a man (Hebrews 10:32-34)

. • High-angle Rappelling • Land Navigation • Tactical Firearms instruction • Bonding with squad members during an over-night obstacle course

Challenge Values: Duty, Courage, Humility, Strength, Godly, Faithful, Teamwork, Discipleship, Sacrifice, Leadership

In today’s world, we need men capable of leading confidently under pressure and stress. Challenge Basic helps teach you the skills you need to execute and complete your daily missions. “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.“ II Timothy 2:2.

“I realized at Challenge I may think I am doing something by my strength, it is always by God's strength, because He gives me every talent, muscle, and brains that I have, and He is also the one who makes them stronger, and helps heal or shine through my weaknesses.” P Hastings, Rhode Island.

“Challenge prepared me for my future, teaching me hands-on, more clear because I was physically experiencing it." B Hamilton, Wyoming

Updates Praise the LORD: God continues to provide for our needs according to His riches in glory. All of the Timothy Group vehicles are up and running. MEHRST: This past May our Medical Emergency High Risk Situation Training went very well. Young men from all over the nation joined forces to move our medical training to the next level. Rappel Training: This past June we had eight young men graduate from our basic rappel course. Stay tuned for the dates of the Advanced Course. EXPO: This past July we manned a booth at the Southeast Homeschool EXPO. We made many new friends and fellowshipped with some familiar faces.

This October 5-10, 2015

Help us generate attendence this year by:

·   Sharing this newsletter with young men ages 13-21 (and their families)

·   Sharing this newsletter with a church youth group or boys club

·   Inviting a dad and son to spend a week in the wilderness with God and other Christ-centered men

·   Registering your son and Dad for this special week of bonding

Donate today to support The Timothy Group in fulfilling its mission of promoting confidence, dignity, and accountability. A Timothy Group Graduate is mentored with the Word of God. The graduate is Spiritually Fierce, Physically Fit, Mentally Invincible, Emotionally Dependable, and Relationally Faithful. The harvest is vast but the resources are few. We are in need of support to purchase equipment, property, buildings, as well as financial compensation for our Staff and Instructors.

The Timothy Group is a 501c3 organization

Mail your tax-deductible donations to: The Timothy Group, Inc PO Box 1701 Fortson, GA 31808 or on line at http://www.timothygroup.org or with PayPal: bruce@timothygroup.org

If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter send an email with "unsubscribe" in the subject line to: newsletter@timothygroup.org. If you are not a subscriber and would like to be added to our quarterly mailing list subscribe at: http://timothygroup.org/newsletters

Winter/Spring 2015

Greetings in the name of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ!

Despite my best efforts, 2015 is passing by at lightning speed. My intention is always to have the newsletter out earlier than it actually happens! Know that even when I am remiss in my correspondence – phone calls, texts, emails, newsletters - your family's are never far from my thoughts and prayers.

One big change for 2015 concerning Challenge I want to make everyone aware of is that we will be offering Extreme and Basic. Challenge Basic is our cornerstone. Extreme is an alumni-only event, please see details below. It has been a few years since we have hosted Extreme so our Staff is very excited for the opportunity! 


Bruce Stansbury

Timothy Group President

Challenge Extreme

Embark on a Great Adventure.  

Are you one of the few stouthearted men who can answer the call to Challenge Extreme?  Before you lay many physical tasks and spiritual challenges.  You will be pushed to your limit and beyond.  Yet by the grace of God, I trust that you will show yourself to be an indefatigable man of strength and honor.  Pray that God will use this time to continue to conform each of us into the image of Christ.

This course expands on the experiences of BASIC and further builds the young man physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and relationally. EXTREME teaches advanced levels of rappel, Land Navigation, firearm safety, self-protection, medical, survival. In addition to building relationships, learning Bible verses and skills that will draw them close to each other and to God.

This six-day course places the specialists into a task force. The Task force engages in mission scenarios.  The students rotate through the roles of leader, follower, observer, in order to build a more cohesive unit. The missions they encounter will require the student to rely on their God, and their teammates to be successful. The specialists are truly pushed to their limits. 

This is an alumni event.

In order to QUALIFY for EXTREME you must:

Be at least 16 years old

You must have graduated BASIC. 

Visit the following website for more details. http://timothygroup.org/challenge-faq/

Sign up at http://timothygroup.org/challenge/

THANK YOU  Spotlight:  We receive many letters and emails of thanks from our students and their families.  I thank you for your support and faithfulness.

Our largest truck “STORM-e” (Specialist Transport Or Recruit Mobilization equipment) is back in action.  An anonymous Good Samaritan has paid the bill for the repair shop to install the engine.  Three days after she was returned to the Timothy group fold, she was used to move a family’s household goods.

Through the fall and winter months a local business owner donated numerous items: Military tent, industrial shelving, forklift, one man lift, and pallets

The Timothy Group has been blessed with free warehouse space.  Unfortunately, that can mean short notice to relocate when the free space gets rented. A big thank you to the 27 volunteers who helped with not one, but three, relocations this past summer and fall!  This last move was to a temporary location and this leads to our needs paragraph on the next page.

Help Wanted                                                                                                                 
Warehouse space or funds for leasing:  2000-3000 square feet of permanent space is needed to house the valuable resources with which God has blessed us.

Truck fuel and oil leak: “Blanche”, our one-ton pick-up requires an expense engine repair.  We need repairs as soon as possible.

CPA volunteer needed:  Contact us if you can track revenue and expenditures, forecast growth and needs for future expenses.

Get your Group on our Calendar:

Contact us with your interests, your dates, and your group size. We will organize our events to suit your needs.  We can customize our training to fit your needs.  See our website events page for ideas.


Medical Training –June

Southeast Homeschool Expo – July

Leadership Training, Team Building – August


Summer 2104

Greetings in the name of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ!

This has been a very productive summer for The Timothy Group – Rappel Master Certification, SouthEast HomeSchool Expo, Team Building, FORGE Internship, MERHST.  Check out our website and facebook page for plenty of photos from these events.  I have included one photo from each event here to give you an idea of the impact we are making in the lives of the next generation of young men.  A big thank you to everyone who helps make these events such a success!  Team Leaders, Staff, Financial Support, Preparation teams, and parents.  We couldn't do it without you


Bruce Stansbury
Timothy Group President


Skydiving – Year Around
Rappel Training (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) – Year Around
Exec Conference – January
Rappelling – February
Land Navigation Training– April
Curriculum Writing – April
MMA / Self Protection Seminar – May
Medical Training – May
Rappel Master Certification Course – June
Southeast Homeschool Expo – July
Leadership Training, Team Building – August
CHALLENGE – September
Intense Character Building Weekend – November


This one-day class taught the capability of building a one rope bridge, a three-man sled, and experienced several team-building scenarios. 
Young men learned the importance of listening, paying attention to detail, leadership, followership, teamwork, sharing weaknesses and strengths, and the importance of applying biblical principles to everyday life.  A successful life is more about relationships than tasks.

Patient Assessment and Trauma-Management meets The Timothy Group Training Course.

Willing souls survived the Care Under Fire drill at the MEHRST weekend held in Arkansas this year.   The event was led by Timothy Group Training Officer, Joseph Schalchlin.  Imagine performing an initial patient assessment, treating all life threats as you are constantly harassed by the rat-tat-tat of projectiles hitting metal around you, the occasional boom of the canon, the bang of the balls hitting the cover, and the yelling of an instructor, “He’s dying on you! hurry up!”  

 The three day event was packed with medical and tactical training which included the three training points of Safe, Dangerous and Win.  Additionally, control in a crowd, squad movement and reaction to contact were covered.  Biblical teaching entitled “The Importance of One Thing.” taken from Psalm 27 and Mark 10.  Scenarios included the medical fire team responding to the situation. The medical problems faced and treated were chest pain (possible heart attack), seizure, anaphylactic allergic reaction and cardiac arrest. One responding team was rescuing a downed pilot behind enemy territory.  A night mission saw the team respond to a car bombing with injuries and enemies still in the area.  

The performance and attitude of the men at MEHRST was squared away and professional. It was a good few days of training and brotherhood.   This training grows the characteristic necessary for our motto to be “That Other’s May Live to Know Their Creator”.

CHALLENGE 2014 Registration Is Open!

This Year’s Theme:  “Built For This”   We will examine God’s purpose for our lives.  We will read in the Bible, what God says about biblical masculinity.  Why do we exist?  What is our role in the family, the workplace, the community?  We will discover how far we can go with the help of our Lord. CHALLENGE will strengthen and encourage our young men on their journey to manhood. The Timothy Group staff seeks to reinforce the godly principles of the home in an outdoor setting while enduring physical and mental activities.

Early Registration Saves:  August: $350.00, September: $400.00.   Dads can register for $150.00

Focus Concepts: Motivation, Dedication, Teamwork, Purpose, Urgency, Safety, Self-less Service
Location:  Lawhorn Scouting Base, Camp Thunder, 506 Thundering Springs Road, Molena, Georgia  30258.  One hour south of Atlanta.

Results of the SouthEast HomeSchool EXPO:

This year we added a “PT Box”.  The youth enjoyed demonstrating their physical capabilities while exercising 

their Scriptural prowess.  We gave away several large gift items for efforts to memorize scripture and learn 

the importance of Godly character.  We met many new people and renewed our connections with many old friends.  

Our booth attracted many new families and we added families to our newsletter listing.  Ten students registered 

for the CHALLENGE Intro and Basic event.


* Radios urgently needed - a big expense each year is renting radios.  Join the fundraiser for the Timothy Group.  Our non-profit faith based leadership school runs outdoor programs for young men.  Our staff are in need of radios to help communicate with each other while teaching courses outdoors.  Any funds given will help meet a great need for our program.    See http://www.gofundme.com/cybea4 for details.

Join us in ATLANTA at Jim R Miller Park for CELEBRATE FREEDOM.  We will have a booth at the finish line of the 5K run and a booth on the midway inside the concert grounds.

Celebrate Freedom is a FREE event that draws over 50,000 people from around North Georgia each year.   Come enjoy CHRISTIAN music all day, rides, food, and the Timothy Group fellowship.

Donate today to support The Timothy Group in fulfilling its mission of promoting confidence, dignity, and accountability.  A Timothy Group Graduate is mentored with the Word of God. The graduate is Spiritually Fierce, Physically Fit, Mentally Invincible, Emotionally Dependable, and Relationally Faithful.


The harvest is vast but the resources are few. We are in need of support to purchase equipment, property, buildings, as well as financial compensation for our Staff and Instructors.

Mail your tax-deductible donations to:

The Timothy Group, Inc

PO Box 1701

Fortson, GA 31808

or on line at http://www.timothygroup.org/

or with PayPal: bruce@timothygroup.org

                                                   the Timothy Group is a 501c3 organization

rappel tower.jpg

Winter 2014

Greetings in the name of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ!

Since our last newsletter God has opened a door to minister to the Military community.  We were excited to be a part of a city wide function.  We took eight team members to a Family Appreciation night in downtown Columbus and presented our program to the men and women of the Fort Benning community.  We shared food, rappelling demonstrations and fellowship with a crowd over 600 strong. It was an honor to serve in this capacity.                   

 – blessings!  Bruce Stansbury, Timothy Group President

RAPPEL MASTER CERTIFICATION                                                 March 3-7, 2014

 Demonstrate confidence and leadership: See our website for the details on this 40 hour course.  Become a leader in your community with the skills required to teach, lead, and rescue others.  Graduates of this course will receive a certification recognized nationwide.  Skills learned: Anchor points, Rigging, Safety Measures, Commands, Inspections, Day/ Night Belay and Rappel Techniques, and Tactical Applications 


Help Us, Help Them

Matthew Chapter 6 Insight
Our Heavenly Father is worthy of all honor and praise.  He is to be glorified by us always. God has a specific way of getting things done.  The Timothy Group is called to be involved in this process.  We want God's will to be done - NOW - ON THIS EARTH. His will is done in heaven by speaking it into existence.  We have His authority to get His will done on earth just as it is in heaven.  He gives us guidance and direction.  If we would be bold enough to obey His leading, we would be delivered from evil.  God's way is best.  God's power is the ultimate.  God gets the glory.  We should not assume any of His glory.  We are blown away by the fact that God has always been, is NOW, and will be forever. He invites us to join Him in His work.  The Timothy Group mission is to raise a legion of men who will confidently answer His call.  We are willing.  We are ready.   We need your help to go.  Please send us!  Let's Go!  Please consider taking this opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation that will help others know their creator and join Him in bringing His kingdom to this earth.  The Timothy Group, Inc. leads the way in encouraging young men to enjoy the benefits of biblical insight, practical application of spiritual truth, fitness, nutrition, and training. We manage to do this work thanks to the kindness and generosity of supporters like you. Please send us in 2014. Thank you very much!  May God bless your New Year!


Help Wanted_____________________________

Graphic designer needed:  We want you to produce graphical images for tee shirts, logos, website decoration.  We need to brand our vehicles and our uniforms and equipment.
Administrative assistant needed: You are needed to create schedules, organize agendas, track inventory.  Help us operate more efficiently and honor God with stewardship of our resources.
CPA needed:  Contact us if you can track revenue and expenditures, forecast growth and needs for future expenses.
Computer tech needed:  Contact us if you can create, edit, modify websites.  We need to upgrade several of our Facebook, website, and other functionalities.
Event recruiters needed:  Contact us if you can invite folks to our events.  We will organize and coordinate the events.  We need folks to get the word out and get folks to the registration page.

Fundraisers needed: Contact us if you are a people person, if you know how to wrangle funds from folks, if you won’t take no for an answer.  We need individuals, local businesses, foundations, and institutions to see the blessings of the Timothy Group and support the LORD's work.
Should you choose to accept a position with The Timothy Group, we guarantee God will meet you where you are and take you to where you never thought possible.  The position comes with a team of prayer partners interceding on your behalf.

Leadership Spotlight:  A Timothy Group Alumni

Thank you for everything the Timothy Group has taught me, and how well it has prepared me for my future! All the programs that I participated in, offered by the Timothy Group, have taught me so much about taking initiative. To this day, there is nothing that has been more life changing than my first Challenge Basic. I remember the first day like it was yesterday. I was being changed and pushed to my limits; and I loved it. Thank you so much for the standards that are held of the recruits at Challenge. Those standards have carried into so many areas of life, especially ROTC. I have just received a full ride Army ROTC scholarship to UAB. In addition, I am spending the majority of this summer in Russia. I also have a good shot at airborne and air assault. None of this would have been reachable if I did not somehow stand out from other cadets. I came into the ROTC with a sounder mindset than most, a decent physical training score, good grades, and general military knowledge and skills - all of which were built upon what was taught to me by the Timothy Group. On many occasions officers and cadets have asked me where I learned certain skills, and time after time, I tell them about the Timothy Group. Thank you for Challenge Basic, Challenge Extreme, CST, The opportunity to staff Basic, and last but definitely not least Survival Water Evasion Training. training and preparation that you offer is priceless. Thank you!! God has truly used you in a great way!! – E. D.

Get your Group on our Calendar:

Contact us with your interests, your dates, and your group size. We will organize our events to suit your needs.  We can customize our training to fit your needs.  God does not see limitations.  See our website events page for ideas.



Skydiving – Year Around

Rappel Training (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) – Year Around

Exec Conference – January

Rappelling – February

Rappel Master Certification Course – March

Staff Training and CHALLENGE Extreme – April

Missions Trip (Nautical) – April

MMA / Self Protection Seminar – May

Medical Training – May

Survival Camp – June

Water Confidence and SCUBA – July

Southeast Homeschool Expo – July

Leadership Training, Team Building – August

Fathers Weekend – September


Intense Character Building Weekend – November

CST: Leadership Training

Survival Preparations: This seven day course will take place in Louisiana.  Join us as we combine leadership training with sea going experiences.  We will cover the art and science of debriefings, team building, communication, and leader/follower styles.  The professional instruction will be blended with high risk scenario training events: high diving, drown proofing, night vision training, beach survival, and more...  See the website for details.  

Louisiana Mission Trip

Two 5000 ton ships bring aid to people in desperate circumstances.  Join the Timothy Group, Spring 2014, experience: ship and port duties. Prepare relief supplies, warehouse work, construction, light ship maintenance, train disaster response, commodity distribution, emergency radio broadcast.  Is God calling you?  Ready to say, "Here am I; Send me!"  Come for a week.  WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! Our team will join God: Feed the hungry.  Clothe the naked.  Heal the sick.  Bring hope to the broken hearted.  Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ!  If you cannot come you can be apart of our "Special Forces" prayer team.

2014: A Year of Preparation

Formulation, Training, and Provision: God has been clear with the mission of The Timothy Group.  Our leadership and our students have been obedient, diligent, and committed to their training.  As you can see from the plans for the year, we are in need of resources and funding.  For one team member to be ready for deployment he must successfully complete: Accelerated Free Fall, SCUBA, Survival, Offensive driving, Spiritual Readiness, Self-Protection, and several scenario based events.  These training venues are an awesome investment for the young man.  The victims who are waiting for this young man to be obedient to God's call and rescue them will be forever grateful for this training.  Please know that God has called for us as a community to give into His kingdom.  His plan for the Timothy Group is to raise a legion of young men who will answer His call with a confident voice.  We are willing.  We are ready.   We need you to send us!

Build Community, Help Us Network: We need access to more students.  Invite us to speak at your church, youth groups, boys clubs.  Share our information with your Pastors, Community Leaders, Local Sheriff, Fire Marshall, Rescue Squads.  We would love to come share the vision God has given the Timothy Group about modeling adult Christian values in the present darkness.  Practically applying the truths that are found in God's word.  Our men and boys need us to lead the way.  Follow us as we follow Christ!   The Timothy Group, PO Box 1701, Fortson GA 31808, 706-570-5719, bruce@timothygroup.org 

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The Timothy Group is hard at work.

The Timothy Group is hard at work.  We need your support.  God is moving and we will share His glory with you.

Stay tuned for the exciting news from the recent CHALLENGE 2013 event that ended last month.  The Timothy Group has been busy planning the next events for December and January.  We will keep you posted.  Updates coming next week:



Overcomers work together:

There is a particular obstacle on our course at CHALLENGE.  This obstacle defines young men and proves many values true to the men who face it.  Our life, lived for Christ, is not to be tried solo.  We are commanded by our LORD to join together.  Let's do life from a vantage point of strength.  When you are surrounded by brothers on the left and right, you can dig deeper and serve longer, harder, and with more joy than any other warrior known to man.


Proper Preparation prevents poor performance.  These recruits find the importance of following a packing list.  At CHALLENGE as in life we can avoid pain by doing what we are supposed to do.  God's word gives us all sorts of advice and guidance.  If we would put this wisdom into practice we could ensure we are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there and thus save ourselves some angst.

A Quick note of Thanks Two weeks ago a 3 day canoe/camping trip ended abruptly on the first day with about 4 of us almost drowning and most of our gear and a couple canoes getting sucked away into the river. Then me and two others became separated from the rest in the dark. Because of the grace of our GREAT Lord and the training I received with the Timothy Group, I was able to endure almost 6 hours of swimming in the dark while leading the others. The phrase that kept running through my mind was: "Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam." The program that yall are running has stuck with me through thick and thin. I pray that every young man has the opportunity to learn what I have from you guys. Thank You. --- I.H. Alabama

Hard working Vehicle Fleet

We train hard, work hard and play hard.   Our vehicle fleet is no exception.  Good stewardship means we need to take care of the resources with which God has entrusted us.  No one wants to see our beloved vehicle in this condition.  Please help get her back on the road.  This 1996 P30 "box truck" has an all aluminum 18 foot body, a full roll-up rear door and carries all of our equipment.  She has been named STORM-e.  She is a blessing from the Lord and has served faithfully for years.  She needs a new engine.  Our estimate include 2500.00 for the engine and 1600.00 labor.  If you can help let us know.  Do not be idle.  PleaseContact usgive or pray!

Join the Timothy Group

Make plans for a mission trip in Louisiana.  FRIEND SHIPS Ministries operates two 5000 ton ships to bring aid to people in desperate circumstances.  Spring of 2014 we will experience: ship and port duties, leadership, followership, and teambuilding. We will prepare relief supplies, warehouse work, construction, ship maintenance (chipping, painting, scrubbing and cleaning decks, etc.), train disaster response, commodity distribution, chain saw service, emergency radio broadcast.  Feeling like God is calling you?  Ready to say, "Here am I; Send me!"  Come for a week.  WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! Be a part of our team who come from all over the nation to: Feed the hungry.  Clothe the naked.  Heal the sick.  Bring hope to the broken hearted.  Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ!  If you cannot come you can be apart of our "Special Forces" prayer team.

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Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Greetings in the name of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ!

It has been a busy Spring & Summer for The Timothy Group with many exciting activities, check out the website & Facebook for photos. We have successfully completed our Medical Scenario Training. This was well attended. The feedback from this event was hugely positive. Equally successful was our new SCUBA training course. God has blessed us with awesome students and talented instructors. The Staff is looking forward to CHALLENGE 2013 this 23-28 September. Register at http://timothygroup.org/challenge/ Consider sponsoring a student. Donate at http://timothygroup.org/. Contact us if you can fundraise for us or would like to advertise in your area. We continue to grow in our web store. Check out our new items at http://timothygroup.org/shop/.

Until next time – blessings!

Bruce Stansbury, Timothy Group President


         Leadership Training

CHALLENGE will change your family for God’s glory.

                                                                                                   –a letter from a father

I thank you and the staff of The Timothy Group for helping train our son physically, emotionally and spiritually. He found CHALLENGE to be just that. Our son has always had a deep insight to the Lord. He has always been very quick to help anyone in any situation and never complains when given a task. The experience with the Timothy Group expanded his nature, encouraged his walk with the Lord and I feel you helped him get closer to our Lord than his mother and I could. He spoke highly of the Bible study and I know that time helped him cope with the trials of CHALLENGE.  I was particularly impressed with how well the young men had acquired close order drill and how well they functioned as a team after just one week.   This is a great accomplishment.

My son and I have spoken several times about the week's requirements and training. He was particularly fond of the rappelling. He also appreciated the navigation course. Although he mentioned the difficulty his group had in finding their way at least once, they were able, as a team, to accomplish their task and 'find their way'. I've seen a specific change in how our son responds to a task since CHALLENGE - there is just a quicker, more determined action when needed.  His least favorite item was the MRE's he had the opportunity to "enjoy" in the field. I reminded him of what I've tried to teach him about how spoiled we are as a society. I think he has a better understanding of that now. He did absolutely enjoy the last dinner though.  Please make plans to come speak with our church. We currently have three eligible young men attending, but we are trying to build our youth, so that hopefully will change soon. I'll ask our local scout troop about you coming out as well.  Thank all of you for teaching, training and mentoring our son. That week opened his eyes and showed him what he is capable of and how the Lord is with us through all of our daily trials. 


Southeast Homeschool EXPO in Atlanta, Georgia

3rd Annual Attendance at EXPO Draws a Crowd

Thank you all for visiting the Timothy Group booth in Atlanta, Georgia in July!  We very much enjoyed getting reacquainted and caught up with some old friends.  I appreciate how God continues to bless your young men and your families through the lasting affects of our training.  

Welcome to the 28 new families who visited with us and signed up for the newsletter.  We were encouraged to see the light in your eyes as you realize the vision God has for your young men.  I thank Matthew, Samuel, Joseph, Micah, and Josiah for volunteering to run the EXPO with me.  I could not have asked for more professionalism from these young men. 







 Skydive Training over Georgia

Skydive Training over Georgia

Over the past two years The Timothy Group has befriended a man who has taught our Timothy Group students in the art and science of skydiving.  This man is a former Special Forces member and a Military Free Fall instructor for the Army.  As a result of his interaction with our young men he has realized his need for Christ and has since given his life to Christ.  On our last meeting I asked him, “How have you been treating Jesus?”  His response, “I treat Jesus the same way he treats me, I love Him a lot”.  I praise the Lord of the harvest that He has allowed our paths to merge.  I praise God that He has empowered the Timothy Group to model the walk of Christ for this man.    God is not through maturing any of us.  I praise God He will not give up on any of us.  Allow God to use you too!


                                                                                                             Finances               .                 

Praise the Lord of all provision for your faithful contributions.  One of our faithful sponsors has donated the production of a huge banner.  Its inaugural use was at the SouthEast HomeSchool EXPO.  We displayed our Timothy Group name proudly.  We look forward to using this through the years to come.  He also produced ink pens for us.  These are great advertisement tools.   We have been blessed by another supporter who has been faithful to follow the leading of our Lord and Savior.  He has committed to make 12 monthly contributions.  This consistency has greatly allowed us to manage our budget and plan for strength and growth.  Thanks men for being obedient to our mighty God! 

Ministry Needs

Tuition Assistance.  The average age of our student body is 14-16.

Many times these young men need financial assistance to participate

in our programs.  We are calling on the generosity of the others to help our future leaders tap into the wealth of character God has within them.  With your support these young men can and will find this strength.  In turn they will minister to their community.  Consider sponsoring a student today in order to impact the world tomorrow! 

Four truck tires


Vehicle engine replacement

Replace worn rappel gear

Fuel costs for CHALLENGE

The bulk cost of running the CHALLENGE program is food,  t-shirts, and fuel.  Over the years we have changed t-shirt venders in order to get the best price and drive tuition down.  This year we seek a sponsor who would donate the money to cover the creation of the t-shirts.  Let us know if you are that person God will use to bless our young men!




The     Timothy Group needs prayer partners.      These partners have responsibilities and rewards of a successful     Christ-centered ministry.  1 Samuel     30:24, “…his part that goes to     the battle, so shall his part be that labors behind the scenes: they shall     part alike.”  Please read and re-read     this newsletter.  Fervently lift the     Timothy Group to our God.  We need     protection from physical injury, sickness, mental strength to stay in the     good fight, good cooperation among staff, favor in the eyes of corporations     and God.  We do hard things and go to     remote locations.  Next year we will     deploy to the missions field.  We     need serious coverage that only God in heaven can provide.  Please do let us know that you are     supporting us with your prayer life.      Know that any and all success that comes through the Timothy Group     is only due to Gods favor and the power of forging the way with prayer.

Timothy Group Ad HS Expo final.jpg


This September 23-28, 2013

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