The Timothy Group is hard at work.

The Timothy Group is hard at work.  We need your support.  God is moving and we will share His glory with you.

Stay tuned for the exciting news from the recent CHALLENGE 2013 event that ended last month.  The Timothy Group has been busy planning the next events for December and January.  We will keep you posted.  Updates coming next week:



Overcomers work together:

There is a particular obstacle on our course at CHALLENGE.  This obstacle defines young men and proves many values true to the men who face it.  Our life, lived for Christ, is not to be tried solo.  We are commanded by our LORD to join together.  Let's do life from a vantage point of strength.  When you are surrounded by brothers on the left and right, you can dig deeper and serve longer, harder, and with more joy than any other warrior known to man.


Proper Preparation prevents poor performance.  These recruits find the importance of following a packing list.  At CHALLENGE as in life we can avoid pain by doing what we are supposed to do.  God's word gives us all sorts of advice and guidance.  If we would put this wisdom into practice we could ensure we are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there and thus save ourselves some angst.

A Quick note of Thanks Two weeks ago a 3 day canoe/camping trip ended abruptly on the first day with about 4 of us almost drowning and most of our gear and a couple canoes getting sucked away into the river. Then me and two others became separated from the rest in the dark. Because of the grace of our GREAT Lord and the training I received with the Timothy Group, I was able to endure almost 6 hours of swimming in the dark while leading the others. The phrase that kept running through my mind was: "Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam." The program that yall are running has stuck with me through thick and thin. I pray that every young man has the opportunity to learn what I have from you guys. Thank You. --- I.H. Alabama

Hard working Vehicle Fleet

We train hard, work hard and play hard.   Our vehicle fleet is no exception.  Good stewardship means we need to take care of the resources with which God has entrusted us.  No one wants to see our beloved vehicle in this condition.  Please help get her back on the road.  This 1996 P30 "box truck" has an all aluminum 18 foot body, a full roll-up rear door and carries all of our equipment.  She has been named STORM-e.  She is a blessing from the Lord and has served faithfully for years.  She needs a new engine.  Our estimate include 2500.00 for the engine and 1600.00 labor.  If you can help let us know.  Do not be idle.  PleaseContact usgive or pray!

Join the Timothy Group

Make plans for a mission trip in Louisiana.  FRIEND SHIPS Ministries operates two 5000 ton ships to bring aid to people in desperate circumstances.  Spring of 2014 we will experience: ship and port duties, leadership, followership, and teambuilding. We will prepare relief supplies, warehouse work, construction, ship maintenance (chipping, painting, scrubbing and cleaning decks, etc.), train disaster response, commodity distribution, chain saw service, emergency radio broadcast.  Feeling like God is calling you?  Ready to say, "Here am I; Send me!"  Come for a week.  WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! Be a part of our team who come from all over the nation to: Feed the hungry.  Clothe the naked.  Heal the sick.  Bring hope to the broken hearted.  Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ!  If you cannot come you can be apart of our "Special Forces" prayer team.

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