Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Greetings in the name of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ!

It has been a busy Spring & Summer for The Timothy Group with many exciting activities, check out the website & Facebook for photos. We have successfully completed our Medical Scenario Training. This was well attended. The feedback from this event was hugely positive. Equally successful was our new SCUBA training course. God has blessed us with awesome students and talented instructors. The Staff is looking forward to CHALLENGE 2013 this 23-28 September. Register at Consider sponsoring a student. Donate at Contact us if you can fundraise for us or would like to advertise in your area. We continue to grow in our web store. Check out our new items at

Until next time – blessings!

Bruce Stansbury, Timothy Group President


         Leadership Training

CHALLENGE will change your family for God’s glory.

                                                                                                   –a letter from a father

I thank you and the staff of The Timothy Group for helping train our son physically, emotionally and spiritually. He found CHALLENGE to be just that. Our son has always had a deep insight to the Lord. He has always been very quick to help anyone in any situation and never complains when given a task. The experience with the Timothy Group expanded his nature, encouraged his walk with the Lord and I feel you helped him get closer to our Lord than his mother and I could. He spoke highly of the Bible study and I know that time helped him cope with the trials of CHALLENGE.  I was particularly impressed with how well the young men had acquired close order drill and how well they functioned as a team after just one week.   This is a great accomplishment.

My son and I have spoken several times about the week's requirements and training. He was particularly fond of the rappelling. He also appreciated the navigation course. Although he mentioned the difficulty his group had in finding their way at least once, they were able, as a team, to accomplish their task and 'find their way'. I've seen a specific change in how our son responds to a task since CHALLENGE - there is just a quicker, more determined action when needed.  His least favorite item was the MRE's he had the opportunity to "enjoy" in the field. I reminded him of what I've tried to teach him about how spoiled we are as a society. I think he has a better understanding of that now. He did absolutely enjoy the last dinner though.  Please make plans to come speak with our church. We currently have three eligible young men attending, but we are trying to build our youth, so that hopefully will change soon. I'll ask our local scout troop about you coming out as well.  Thank all of you for teaching, training and mentoring our son. That week opened his eyes and showed him what he is capable of and how the Lord is with us through all of our daily trials. 


Southeast Homeschool EXPO in Atlanta, Georgia

3rd Annual Attendance at EXPO Draws a Crowd

Thank you all for visiting the Timothy Group booth in Atlanta, Georgia in July!  We very much enjoyed getting reacquainted and caught up with some old friends.  I appreciate how God continues to bless your young men and your families through the lasting affects of our training.  

Welcome to the 28 new families who visited with us and signed up for the newsletter.  We were encouraged to see the light in your eyes as you realize the vision God has for your young men.  I thank Matthew, Samuel, Joseph, Micah, and Josiah for volunteering to run the EXPO with me.  I could not have asked for more professionalism from these young men. 







 Skydive Training over Georgia

Skydive Training over Georgia

Over the past two years The Timothy Group has befriended a man who has taught our Timothy Group students in the art and science of skydiving.  This man is a former Special Forces member and a Military Free Fall instructor for the Army.  As a result of his interaction with our young men he has realized his need for Christ and has since given his life to Christ.  On our last meeting I asked him, “How have you been treating Jesus?”  His response, “I treat Jesus the same way he treats me, I love Him a lot”.  I praise the Lord of the harvest that He has allowed our paths to merge.  I praise God that He has empowered the Timothy Group to model the walk of Christ for this man.    God is not through maturing any of us.  I praise God He will not give up on any of us.  Allow God to use you too!


                                                                                                             Finances               .                 

Praise the Lord of all provision for your faithful contributions.  One of our faithful sponsors has donated the production of a huge banner.  Its inaugural use was at the SouthEast HomeSchool EXPO.  We displayed our Timothy Group name proudly.  We look forward to using this through the years to come.  He also produced ink pens for us.  These are great advertisement tools.   We have been blessed by another supporter who has been faithful to follow the leading of our Lord and Savior.  He has committed to make 12 monthly contributions.  This consistency has greatly allowed us to manage our budget and plan for strength and growth.  Thanks men for being obedient to our mighty God! 

Ministry Needs

Tuition Assistance.  The average age of our student body is 14-16.

Many times these young men need financial assistance to participate

in our programs.  We are calling on the generosity of the others to help our future leaders tap into the wealth of character God has within them.  With your support these young men can and will find this strength.  In turn they will minister to their community.  Consider sponsoring a student today in order to impact the world tomorrow! 

Four truck tires


Vehicle engine replacement

Replace worn rappel gear

Fuel costs for CHALLENGE

The bulk cost of running the CHALLENGE program is food,  t-shirts, and fuel.  Over the years we have changed t-shirt venders in order to get the best price and drive tuition down.  This year we seek a sponsor who would donate the money to cover the creation of the t-shirts.  Let us know if you are that person God will use to bless our young men!




The     Timothy Group needs prayer partners.      These partners have responsibilities and rewards of a successful     Christ-centered ministry.  1 Samuel     30:24, “…his part that goes to     the battle, so shall his part be that labors behind the scenes: they shall     part alike.”  Please read and re-read     this newsletter.  Fervently lift the     Timothy Group to our God.  We need     protection from physical injury, sickness, mental strength to stay in the     good fight, good cooperation among staff, favor in the eyes of corporations     and God.  We do hard things and go to     remote locations.  Next year we will     deploy to the missions field.  We     need serious coverage that only God in heaven can provide.  Please do let us know that you are     supporting us with your prayer life.      Know that any and all success that comes through the Timothy Group     is only due to Gods favor and the power of forging the way with prayer.

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This September 23-28, 2013

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