Winter 2014

Greetings in the name of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ!

Since our last newsletter God has opened a door to minister to the Military community.  We were excited to be a part of a city wide function.  We took eight team members to a Family Appreciation night in downtown Columbus and presented our program to the men and women of the Fort Benning community.  We shared food, rappelling demonstrations and fellowship with a crowd over 600 strong. It was an honor to serve in this capacity.                   

 – blessings!  Bruce Stansbury, Timothy Group President

RAPPEL MASTER CERTIFICATION                                                 March 3-7, 2014

 Demonstrate confidence and leadership: See our website for the details on this 40 hour course.  Become a leader in your community with the skills required to teach, lead, and rescue others.  Graduates of this course will receive a certification recognized nationwide.  Skills learned: Anchor points, Rigging, Safety Measures, Commands, Inspections, Day/ Night Belay and Rappel Techniques, and Tactical Applications 


Help Us, Help Them

Matthew Chapter 6 Insight
Our Heavenly Father is worthy of all honor and praise.  He is to be glorified by us always. God has a specific way of getting things done.  The Timothy Group is called to be involved in this process.  We want God's will to be done - NOW - ON THIS EARTH. His will is done in heaven by speaking it into existence.  We have His authority to get His will done on earth just as it is in heaven.  He gives us guidance and direction.  If we would be bold enough to obey His leading, we would be delivered from evil.  God's way is best.  God's power is the ultimate.  God gets the glory.  We should not assume any of His glory.  We are blown away by the fact that God has always been, is NOW, and will be forever. He invites us to join Him in His work.  The Timothy Group mission is to raise a legion of men who will confidently answer His call.  We are willing.  We are ready.   We need your help to go.  Please send us!  Let's Go!  Please consider taking this opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation that will help others know their creator and join Him in bringing His kingdom to this earth.  The Timothy Group, Inc. leads the way in encouraging young men to enjoy the benefits of biblical insight, practical application of spiritual truth, fitness, nutrition, and training. We manage to do this work thanks to the kindness and generosity of supporters like you. Please send us in 2014. Thank you very much!  May God bless your New Year!


Help Wanted_____________________________

Graphic designer needed:  We want you to produce graphical images for tee shirts, logos, website decoration.  We need to brand our vehicles and our uniforms and equipment.
Administrative assistant needed: You are needed to create schedules, organize agendas, track inventory.  Help us operate more efficiently and honor God with stewardship of our resources.
CPA needed:  Contact us if you can track revenue and expenditures, forecast growth and needs for future expenses.
Computer tech needed:  Contact us if you can create, edit, modify websites.  We need to upgrade several of our Facebook, website, and other functionalities.
Event recruiters needed:  Contact us if you can invite folks to our events.  We will organize and coordinate the events.  We need folks to get the word out and get folks to the registration page.

Fundraisers needed: Contact us if you are a people person, if you know how to wrangle funds from folks, if you won’t take no for an answer.  We need individuals, local businesses, foundations, and institutions to see the blessings of the Timothy Group and support the LORD's work.
Should you choose to accept a position with The Timothy Group, we guarantee God will meet you where you are and take you to where you never thought possible.  The position comes with a team of prayer partners interceding on your behalf.

Leadership Spotlight:  A Timothy Group Alumni

Thank you for everything the Timothy Group has taught me, and how well it has prepared me for my future! All the programs that I participated in, offered by the Timothy Group, have taught me so much about taking initiative. To this day, there is nothing that has been more life changing than my first Challenge Basic. I remember the first day like it was yesterday. I was being changed and pushed to my limits; and I loved it. Thank you so much for the standards that are held of the recruits at Challenge. Those standards have carried into so many areas of life, especially ROTC. I have just received a full ride Army ROTC scholarship to UAB. In addition, I am spending the majority of this summer in Russia. I also have a good shot at airborne and air assault. None of this would have been reachable if I did not somehow stand out from other cadets. I came into the ROTC with a sounder mindset than most, a decent physical training score, good grades, and general military knowledge and skills - all of which were built upon what was taught to me by the Timothy Group. On many occasions officers and cadets have asked me where I learned certain skills, and time after time, I tell them about the Timothy Group. Thank you for Challenge Basic, Challenge Extreme, CST, The opportunity to staff Basic, and last but definitely not least Survival Water Evasion Training. training and preparation that you offer is priceless. Thank you!! God has truly used you in a great way!! – E. D.

Get your Group on our Calendar:

Contact us with your interests, your dates, and your group size. We will organize our events to suit your needs.  We can customize our training to fit your needs.  God does not see limitations.  See our website events page for ideas.



Skydiving – Year Around

Rappel Training (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) – Year Around

Exec Conference – January

Rappelling – February

Rappel Master Certification Course – March

Staff Training and CHALLENGE Extreme – April

Missions Trip (Nautical) – April

MMA / Self Protection Seminar – May

Medical Training – May

Survival Camp – June

Water Confidence and SCUBA – July

Southeast Homeschool Expo – July

Leadership Training, Team Building – August

Fathers Weekend – September


Intense Character Building Weekend – November

CST: Leadership Training

Survival Preparations: This seven day course will take place in Louisiana.  Join us as we combine leadership training with sea going experiences.  We will cover the art and science of debriefings, team building, communication, and leader/follower styles.  The professional instruction will be blended with high risk scenario training events: high diving, drown proofing, night vision training, beach survival, and more...  See the website for details.  

Louisiana Mission Trip

Two 5000 ton ships bring aid to people in desperate circumstances.  Join the Timothy Group, Spring 2014, experience: ship and port duties. Prepare relief supplies, warehouse work, construction, light ship maintenance, train disaster response, commodity distribution, emergency radio broadcast.  Is God calling you?  Ready to say, "Here am I; Send me!"  Come for a week.  WE HAVE A PLACE FOR YOU! Our team will join God: Feed the hungry.  Clothe the naked.  Heal the sick.  Bring hope to the broken hearted.  Preach the Good News of Jesus Christ!  If you cannot come you can be apart of our "Special Forces" prayer team.

2014: A Year of Preparation

Formulation, Training, and Provision: God has been clear with the mission of The Timothy Group.  Our leadership and our students have been obedient, diligent, and committed to their training.  As you can see from the plans for the year, we are in need of resources and funding.  For one team member to be ready for deployment he must successfully complete: Accelerated Free Fall, SCUBA, Survival, Offensive driving, Spiritual Readiness, Self-Protection, and several scenario based events.  These training venues are an awesome investment for the young man.  The victims who are waiting for this young man to be obedient to God's call and rescue them will be forever grateful for this training.  Please know that God has called for us as a community to give into His kingdom.  His plan for the Timothy Group is to raise a legion of young men who will answer His call with a confident voice.  We are willing.  We are ready.   We need you to send us!

Build Community, Help Us Network: We need access to more students.  Invite us to speak at your church, youth groups, boys clubs.  Share our information with your Pastors, Community Leaders, Local Sheriff, Fire Marshall, Rescue Squads.  We would love to come share the vision God has given the Timothy Group about modeling adult Christian values in the present darkness.  Practically applying the truths that are found in God's word.  Our men and boys need us to lead the way.  Follow us as we follow Christ!   The Timothy Group, PO Box 1701, Fortson GA 31808, 706-570-5719, 

Help Share the Vision
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