Summer 2104

Greetings in the name of our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ!

This has been a very productive summer for The Timothy Group – Rappel Master Certification, SouthEast HomeSchool Expo, Team Building, FORGE Internship, MERHST.  Check out our website and facebook page for plenty of photos from these events.  I have included one photo from each event here to give you an idea of the impact we are making in the lives of the next generation of young men.  A big thank you to everyone who helps make these events such a success!  Team Leaders, Staff, Financial Support, Preparation teams, and parents.  We couldn't do it without you


Bruce Stansbury
Timothy Group President


Skydiving – Year Around
Rappel Training (Level 1, 2, 3, 4) – Year Around
Exec Conference – January
Rappelling – February
Land Navigation Training– April
Curriculum Writing – April
MMA / Self Protection Seminar – May
Medical Training – May
Rappel Master Certification Course – June
Southeast Homeschool Expo – July
Leadership Training, Team Building – August
CHALLENGE – September
Intense Character Building Weekend – November


This one-day class taught the capability of building a one rope bridge, a three-man sled, and experienced several team-building scenarios. 
Young men learned the importance of listening, paying attention to detail, leadership, followership, teamwork, sharing weaknesses and strengths, and the importance of applying biblical principles to everyday life.  A successful life is more about relationships than tasks.

Patient Assessment and Trauma-Management meets The Timothy Group Training Course.

Willing souls survived the Care Under Fire drill at the MEHRST weekend held in Arkansas this year.   The event was led by Timothy Group Training Officer, Joseph Schalchlin.  Imagine performing an initial patient assessment, treating all life threats as you are constantly harassed by the rat-tat-tat of projectiles hitting metal around you, the occasional boom of the canon, the bang of the balls hitting the cover, and the yelling of an instructor, “He’s dying on you! hurry up!”  

 The three day event was packed with medical and tactical training which included the three training points of Safe, Dangerous and Win.  Additionally, control in a crowd, squad movement and reaction to contact were covered.  Biblical teaching entitled “The Importance of One Thing.” taken from Psalm 27 and Mark 10.  Scenarios included the medical fire team responding to the situation. The medical problems faced and treated were chest pain (possible heart attack), seizure, anaphylactic allergic reaction and cardiac arrest. One responding team was rescuing a downed pilot behind enemy territory.  A night mission saw the team respond to a car bombing with injuries and enemies still in the area.  

The performance and attitude of the men at MEHRST was squared away and professional. It was a good few days of training and brotherhood.   This training grows the characteristic necessary for our motto to be “That Other’s May Live to Know Their Creator”.

CHALLENGE 2014 Registration Is Open!

This Year’s Theme:  “Built For This”   We will examine God’s purpose for our lives.  We will read in the Bible, what God says about biblical masculinity.  Why do we exist?  What is our role in the family, the workplace, the community?  We will discover how far we can go with the help of our Lord. CHALLENGE will strengthen and encourage our young men on their journey to manhood. The Timothy Group staff seeks to reinforce the godly principles of the home in an outdoor setting while enduring physical and mental activities.

Early Registration Saves:  August: $350.00, September: $400.00.   Dads can register for $150.00

Focus Concepts: Motivation, Dedication, Teamwork, Purpose, Urgency, Safety, Self-less Service
Location:  Lawhorn Scouting Base, Camp Thunder, 506 Thundering Springs Road, Molena, Georgia  30258.  One hour south of Atlanta.

Results of the SouthEast HomeSchool EXPO:

This year we added a “PT Box”.  The youth enjoyed demonstrating their physical capabilities while exercising 

their Scriptural prowess.  We gave away several large gift items for efforts to memorize scripture and learn 

the importance of Godly character.  We met many new people and renewed our connections with many old friends.  

Our booth attracted many new families and we added families to our newsletter listing.  Ten students registered 

for the CHALLENGE Intro and Basic event.


* Radios urgently needed - a big expense each year is renting radios.  Join the fundraiser for the Timothy Group.  Our non-profit faith based leadership school runs outdoor programs for young men.  Our staff are in need of radios to help communicate with each other while teaching courses outdoors.  Any funds given will help meet a great need for our program.    See for details.

Join us in ATLANTA at Jim R Miller Park for CELEBRATE FREEDOM.  We will have a booth at the finish line of the 5K run and a booth on the midway inside the concert grounds.

Celebrate Freedom is a FREE event that draws over 50,000 people from around North Georgia each year.   Come enjoy CHRISTIAN music all day, rides, food, and the Timothy Group fellowship.

Donate today to support The Timothy Group in fulfilling its mission of promoting confidence, dignity, and accountability.  A Timothy Group Graduate is mentored with the Word of God. The graduate is Spiritually Fierce, Physically Fit, Mentally Invincible, Emotionally Dependable, and Relationally Faithful.


The harvest is vast but the resources are few. We are in need of support to purchase equipment, property, buildings, as well as financial compensation for our Staff and Instructors.

Mail your tax-deductible donations to:

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