Medical Relief Operation in the Middle East

The Timothy Group operations sent men to a war torn corner of the Middle East. During the 7 weeks we were on the ground we provided medical training to upward of 50 soldiers in the basics of self aid and buddy care (SABC) and treated hundreds who were wounded in the conflict.

Our purpose was to build bridges into the heart and lives of the citizens and armed forces. We worked closely with missionaries who are dedicated to staying in that region long term in order to mutually use our skills to the lost with the love and salvation of Christ. This allows the relationships we built to continue to be developed by servants of Christ in a region that is often hostile to the gospel.

Upon our arrival in the Middle East with the intent of providing training, a general asked us to also provide medical care to those wounded in the fight to liberate outlying regions. Seeing their dire need for medical care, we joined them to support their efforts and be a light and intercessor as they fought to free their homeland of the threat.

During my time on the front lines, I befriended a general’s son who we will call Alacan. Alacan, with his arm which was deeply scared from a bullet which struck him in war when he was a child, warmly introduced me to his father, his friend Ferza (name changed for privacy) and other men that fought along his side. One night Alacan invited me to share camp alongside him and his men. As we lay under the stars listening to the sound of distant airstrikes, I felt led to share who Jesus was and the sacrifice He made so we could be restored to fellowship with God. After doing so, I asked Alacan if I could pray for him and his men. After he eagerly accepted my offer, we shared a solemn prayer as we reflected on the battle which was to come early in the morning. The next day, reality hit as Alacan delivered Ferza’s bloody and limp body to us for care. He had been struck by a sniper round which penetrated his chest. The grim reality of war was felt but there was no time for tears as artillery and machine guns rattled on. That day, there was seemingly no end to the stream of wounded soldiers. I was in a medivac extracting wounded from the battle field, providing trauma care, and transporting them just behind the front lines to a field hospital. The enemy tried every tactic to deter the liberating forces: car bomb, snipers, mortar, but the strength of spirit inside these men fighting for their home is strong. Just as the spirit of God is stronger in the human than the evil one in the world.

In the days to come, as I tried to process the realities of war, the director of the Timothy Group told me that: “War is not a place that God desires any person to have to experience. It is filled with pain, hatred, suffering and death. Humans should not be asked to ensure that. But the reality is that Jesus came into that environment here on earth and He volunteered to sacrifice so that others may live." The director's statement embodies the reason that we go and serve the lost sheep of this world.

Timothy Group provides Self Aid and Buddy Care training to forces in the Middle East.

God has uniquely gifted graduates of The Timothy Group to go where very few Christians have the ability to go. We are trained and experienced in skydiving, scuba diving. We are paramedics, rappel masters. We can land navigate, problem solve, communicate, teach, repair vehicles, and more. The singular ability that stands a Timothy Group graduate out from his peers is his willingness to impact this world with the spiritual truth revealed in God's holy word. No thing else matters. God is inviting the Timothy Group to go to parts of the world that are physically closed to others. Join the Timothy Group as we join God in His work for us. We will continue to train young men (9 years of age and older) in the characteristics of God. It is important for a young man to know who he is in Christ. It is crucial for a young man to know what Christ is capable of in him. I pray God never relieves us of this honor. Please continue to support us as we upgrade our classroom area. Additionally, we will be replacing worn and outdated training gear. God is asking our most experienced to join him abroad. Help us send them.

In a future newsletter, we will share how God used The Timothy Group to minister to a tribe in the mountains of Central America.