Middle East Update

For security reason the naming of team members and location are extracted from this document.  Please pray about your ability to support our members doing God's will on this earth.

The first day started off with a lot of activity.  Treated a couple traumas.  Had a few different engagements throughout the day.  The city hit first by mortar fire and then by helicopter attacks dropping bombs on the city. The city has probably about 70 to 80% of the structures, all cement buildings, have been grossly affected by either either bombs or mortars. A lot of buildings have been rattled by small-arms fire at some point. I don't think that is very recent. While it is a risk, that doesn't seem to be a big concern at this moment. Mainly just annoyance and of course if the regime wanted to they could level the city like they did at a neighboring city or one of the others. Mainly it's just been periodic, sporadic. Just trying to keep this city under Fear (notice this tactic of the enemy, spiritual and physical). And as far as the city goes a lot of the men walk around armed with AK47s.  Allot of them have side arms.  They do have mortar capability.  A couple times they have fired back on the Regime. If there is a mortar attack no one bats an eye.  However, if a helicopter comes to drop heavier munitions, bombs on the city, then people head to a bomb shelter, mainly the women and children. Even some of the young children 14 and up have an AK and go on a more operational capability outside of the bomb shelter or guarding it.  They do seem to be able to see the attack helicopter while it is a good distance away from the city.  They do have Observation posts set up around the city at several different places 24/7 and are on watch. The time from when we hear that there is a helicopter coming until the first bomb is dropped on the city is around 26 minutes.  Good lead time there. They're able to see the helicopter being mobilized a long ways out. That being said there have been a couple false alarms when we have been headed to the bomb shelter. Got there. Waited for 20-30 minutes and then word came around that the helicopter was actually headed to a different town. It veered off in a different direction and attacked some other town around here.  We are very intent on being hands-off in any military aspect. Of course we're willing to protect and preserve Lives around us but I do not want to get involved in the political situation. Also do not want to appear to be a military presence.  We do rely on and trust the locals.  We are very aware of security elements.  And have done some drills and discussed plans of how we operate. How we move. How we communicate as a team in order to identify and deal with any concerns that do come up security wise.  For the most part this Village particularly just because of the touchy situation that it is in.  They run a tight ship as far as the top leadership in the village really knowing everybody.  Their movement and ideology etcetera.   In this town there are currently about 500 people. Many of them have, during the war, fled into Lebanon or elsewhere. So 500 left and about 2000 in the adjoining City. They're together. They're just named separately. One's a suburb of the other.  In that other City there are two thousand remaining is our Intel at this point.  Out of that 2,500 people there are right now about 200 pregnant women.  We are overloaded with pregnancies, check ups, complications, that is a real undertaking at the moment.  We have a doctor who specializes in that area.  We have been utilizing our trauma surgeon here.  Minor surgeries and there are coming up dealing with a question right now of C-sections and an amputation of a lady with a progressed condition in one of her legs. Sometimes people are able to be evacuated to Israel but that is outside of our control. Honestly that's not so much based on medical need as it is  on the political relationship and Israeli security.  That is unfortunate for some cases.  Many treatment options do not exist here because the tactical or the political advantage is not present due to international relationships.   Personnel on the ground here do have to buckle down and deal with whatever is thrown at them. Locally here a dentist has been stepping into the role of a doctor.   We have a dentist here in town that has even been performing surgeries.  Stepping up in a time of great need.  Medically they actually do have some sound on nurses.  Really know what's going on and great at what they do.  There are four of them.  
Translation is difficult.  We have a Few translators.  None of them with great English.  Two of them are quite proficient but always a little bit labored in translation.  
As far as needs right now, we we are equipped as far as medical equipment.  In the places where we do not have sufficient supplies, relations are established sufficiently with a border country, that we are able to get pretty much whatever we need.  As far as physical things medical equipment, medications that we need.  We are well situated there. Security and tactically, we are trying to rely on the locals as much as possible.  We do have e ability to move stuff in it need be.  We have not seen that yet.  We have been offered by the locals some
capabilities in that area that we have accepted.  Things are developing in that area more. We just wanted to come in with a very trusting spirit with them and felt that was necessary in order to become implanted in this community. So far that's been very positive and just love the atmosphere that the heart of the local.  They are very joyful to have us. They go forth with very much a servant's heart and that has been great.
A big need is medical personnel.  More specifically, more advanced medical personnel.
Also another side of that is just strong male leadership.  Our parent organization has had zero male applicants in this area but they had a 274 female applicants either nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners.  That is extremely disproportionate.  Now is the time and this place really calls for men to step up to the plate as leaders.  Be willing to go to hard places and be willing to sacrifice at home in order to bring the gospel to a rough and unreached region.  We have been disappointed to see those numbers and the lack of men desiring to be involved.
There need right now is leadership and advanced medical personnel, paramedics,  nurses, doctor's, surgeons. A big need is specifically with women's issues.  Midwifery, gynecologist, female personnel.  
I guess in the timeline as things move forward they really need Personnel that are able to commit for 3 plus months.  It's going to be hard for them to fill this and they need some solid men that have been tested in difficult situations. During the winter here where it's pretty much impossible to get Personnel or anything in or out due to snow over the mountains where entry would have to be made. It is crucial that they have that need filled as far as having medical personnel on the ground during the winter.   Hope that is helpful just to give you a picture of the situation.