CHALLENGE 2017 Pastoral Reference Letter

Dear Pastor,
Thank you for receiving this pastoral reference letter. The Timothy Group is a leadership school for young men, teaching practical applications with spiritual truths. CHALLENGE Basic is a one week training program conducted by the Timothy Group, in which we use technical and military-style training with Biblical teaching to engage young men. We require a pastor's reference for young men to attend.
CHALLENGE Basic is designed for young men who know Jesus as their Savior, and seek to grow in strength and godliness. However, we will mentor any young men that God brings our way.
Here are a few questions to consider about the young man:
1. Does the young man desire Christ-like character? Those who seek growth will receive the most benefit. See Matthew 5:6; Psalm 15
2. Can the young man operate under authority? CHALLENGE will require complete and swift execution of orders given by the officers.
3. Is the young man prepared to endure hardship? CHALLENGE will push the young man's limits in physical fitness, cooperation with members of a team, and with the mental challenge of running hard with little in the stomach and less sleep than normal. See II Timothy 2:3


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