Officer Stansbury

Bruce Stansbury, Major (ret), USAF is uniquely qualified to lead the discipleship program designed to empower our generation with the tools and resources to face today's challenges head on.

During his 20-year military career, Mr. Stansbury was involved with a diverse mixture of units,  most notably with the Navy Seals, Special Forces, Army Rangers, Central Intelligence Agency, and Special Air Service. As a Military Special Operations Officer, he led teams into combat in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He knows the value of cohesion and is passionate about teaching that to the Challenge recruits. Mr. Stansbury demonstrates the critical need to build effectual teams - not just groups of individuals. Mr. Stansbury shares a particular story of a firefight in Afghanistan that illustrates the importance of trust, faith, obedience, sacrifice, grace, and rescue.

Mr. Stansbury was born in Houston Texas. He spent most of his formative years in central Virginia. There he met his high school sweet heart, Laura Sykes. They married in 1984. He enlisted the United States Air Force in 1986. His son, Noah, was born in, Mildenhall, England in 1988. His daughter, Megan, was born in Abilene, Texas, in 1990.

While still on active duty Mr. Stansbury enrolled in the Airman's Education and Commissioning Program. He graduated Florida State University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology and three minors (Computer Science, Mathematics, and French). From Florida he moved to Alabama where he attended Air Force Officer Training School graduated with Military Distinction as a Second Lieutenant.

During his career he deployed often. Some of his operations include: Libya - Eldorado Canyon, Panama - Just Cause, Saudi Arabia - Desert Express/Shield/Storm, Kuwait - Vigilant Warrior, Lucky Sentinel, Egypt - Bright Star, Horn of Africa, Thailand, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, - Enduring Freedom, Iraq - Iraqi Freedom

His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, several Joint, Army, and Air Force Commendation Medals, Educator of the year, Company Grade Officer of the year, and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

At the Air Force Squadron Officer College he taught classes in History, Leadership, Supervision, Communications, Team building, and Problem Solving at the graduate level. At the Air University he lectured to 500+ audiences in Leadership, Management, Strategic Planning, and Teambuilding at the post-graduate level.

Mr. Stansbury now resides in Midland, Georgia with his wife. Their Daughter is in missionary training in Louisiana. Their son is making his life in Pennsylvania. They are building their own home. Mr. Stansbury has studied God's Word and drawn many parallels between specific scriptures and his experiences as a special operator. Equipping, training, and resourcing our young men to do great exploits for their family, community, and region are a mandate that Mr. Stansbury takes very seriously. Mr. Stansbury is dedicated to the mentoring of young people as the President of The Timothy Group, Inc.


It's Monday Oct 6th 2003 and a 14 year boy waits under a tree with about 40 other young men who are all clothed in darkened and camouflaged colors. What are they waiting for? The start of TeenPact Challenge. How is it going to start? No one really knows, but rumors abound.

The boy has mixed feelings. On one side he is glad to be there. On the other he is already getting homesick even though his dad is there and will be spending the week with him. The boy has no idea what he has gotten himself into. In a little while Challenge will start and amidst firecrackers and yelling he will be face to face with a sharp Staff that demand respect and obedience. They will seem to be made of iron.

Through out the week the boy will learn many things. Among these he will learn navigation, rappelling, and how to tackle obstacle courses. He will also learn many things on a Spiritual level. He will learn how to be Godly man and leader.

Once he will be near tears from the stress of the week, but he will emerge on Saturday stronger and more determined than ever.

Who is this boy? His name is Joseph Schalchlin. If you would have told him that he would one day be on the Staff for Challenge and even be leading Challenge Staff teams he would not have believed you, but here he is by God's grace more involved then ever.

After his first Challenge experience Joseph decided to come back for some more in 2004, and then was able to attend Extreme in 2005. In 2006 he got a call from Bryan Stewart asking him to staff Challenge. Joseph was stunned, but gladly accepted. He has staffed every Challenge event since.

Joseph comes 3rd in a family of 7 kids and a mom and dad that love each other. His mother home schooled him for which he is grateful. His father is first and foremost a dad. His dad is also a pastor, missionary, pilot and medical doctor.

Joseph gave his life to Jesus at a young age. He remembers to this day the church sign on which he stood when he did. Ever since his goal in life has been to honor God.

Joseph's experience in life is limited. At age 7 he lived with his family in Costa Rica for about 10 months for language school. After this he moved with his family to Guatemala where his father fulfilled God's call on him to spread the gospel. They stayed in country for over a year before returning to the States. Over the years Joseph has been able to return with his father on week long trips back to Guatemala.

Joseph also has experience in teaching and giving devotions at church, as well as leading the young men's group.

He currently lives in Arkansas working as a Paramedic.

Joseph's desire is to see young Christian men become strong and faithful leaders. Leaders who are willing to live for, fight for, and even die for the Truth. The Truth of God's Word, and the Truth of God's Son, Jesus. Joseph sees the Timothy Group as a means to train young men into fearless Warriors for Christ.

Staff: 94 percent of our staff is volunteers.  This inability to reward our staff is hindering our ability to draw more staff into the growing ministry.

(i)    Paid staff = One full-time laborer, Three part-time laborers.  These individuals make up the community service division of the Timothy Group.  
(ii)    Volunteers = Four full-time volunteers:

1)    The president and CEO – orchestrates and manages the planning, training, and equipping of the ministry
2)    Administrator – updates media, shares newsletters to supporters, maintains legal documents, and office affairs
3)    Warehouse Maintenance and Vehicle Control Officer – Keeps our five vehicle fleet in operational condition.  Maintains the functionality of the warehouse and the equipment within.
4)    Operations officer – organizes volunteers on the mission fields, plans and manages the events throughout the year.

(iii)    Sixteen part-time volunteers, These volunteers come together as events are conducted to run the event staff ( staff leaders, coordinators, student counselors, program directors, event logicians, medical assistance, special skills instructors, printing services, judges, 
(iv)    46 volunteers as the events require. (parking, cooking, shopping, information gathering, 

Board: The board is twelve strong.  One director, three voting officers, two psychologists, one physical education expert, one media/public relations expert, one business owner, one father and laborer, one instructor and firefighter, one Worship Leader.