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Survival Water and Evasion Tactics

Introducing the Timothy Group Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus Course - Available on Demand

Our SCUBA course provides practical teaching to be confident and comfortable in water environments. Thrive in what most would consider potential life-threatening situations and provide support for others in water survival situations.

This course is taught by Certified Christian Instructors who will not only teach the skills necessary for water survival, but also instruct on the dependence of Christ in all situations (Jeremiah. 17:5-9). 



We will focus on the following aspects:

1. SCUBA diving certification

2. Evasion Tactics

3. Water Survival

4. Water Confidence


The Timothy Group's Survival Water and Evasion Tactics course (SWET) will not only teach you these necessary skills, but also provide top training in Basic and Advanced Scuba certification. 

SWET will be an intense course that will challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone; something we all must do as men of God to be warriors for Christ.

Course Leadership:

Program Director/First Officer: Matthew Carnley
Executive Officer: Jonathan Holliday
Guest Instructor: Nathanael "Lalo" Roberti

Navy SEAL Nathanael Roberti, AKA “LALO,” graduated as one of the top recruits in his division at Navy boot camp in Chicago, and 2nd in his class at Navy ordinance school in Pensacola Florida. Lalo graduated BUD's class 247, attended SQT (SEAL Qualified Training) and Army Airborne school and was then assigned to SEAL team ten in Little Creek, Virginia. Lalo deployed overseas to Afghanistan in 2005 for his first combat deployment and participated in over 50 combat operations including Operation Red-Wings on June 28th, 2005 where 11 of his Seal teammates were killed. Because of Mr. Roberti's outstanding academic and operation skills, he was named “Honor Man” of his breacher training school, an award voted unanimously on by 40 of his SEAL peers and 9 SEAL breacher instructors. Mr. Roberti was also named “Best Sailor” at the Army combat free fall school. He is a professional combat diver in both open and closed circuit diving. Mr Roberti was promoted early to E-5 at SEAL team ten, another distinction voted on by all chiefs and officers of the team. He was awarded a good conduct medal for being exceptional on and off the battlefield. Expert Marksman, leader, tactician, consummate professional and a true warrior for Christ, Lalo dedicates himself to bettering all trainees, athletes, aspiring young SEALs and Godly men to be warriors of Jesus Christ.


The training will be conducted at the International ALERT Academy by highly trained and experienced scuba Instructors in conjunction with Timothy Group Instructors.  Training will be held at the ALERT facility in Big Sandy, TX


 42 Pushups in 2 minutes
52 Situps in 2 minutes
Run 2 miles in under 18 min
Swim distance: 500 meters

A pre-test will be conducted at the beginning of training.  Those who do not pass will be sent home without a refund.

E-learning will be sent to you via email and mail. However, We have to have a minimum of 8 people  signed up before the e-learning course-ware is sent out. 

The normal cost for this type of training $2500!  God has blessed the Timothy Group and we are passing that blessing on to you.

The cost per person for this course is $699!  This includes lodging and food, as well as any rentals, gear, etc.  (Food is very basic.  If you desire a wide variety bring money for local purchasing)


The course will be 10 days. The scuba training will be a basic open water course and move on into the advanced training for accreditations for deep water with safety considerations.


Sign up today! Space is limited! 

Matthew Carnley

Program Director


The Timothy Group, Inc.

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