Our Story

The Timothy Group is a faith based non profit organization. We combine specific technical skills training with Biblical teaching to forge an elite warrior for Christ. The Timothy Group graduate values human life at home and abroad and is willing to be a living sacrifice so that others may live to know their Creator.

Timothy Group Beginnings

In 2009 the Timothy Group was incorporated as a non-profit organization.  Just as the Holy Bible shows Paul, a spiritually mature male, mentoring young Timothy the name of The Timothy Group was chosen.  I desired to develop a community where our spiritually mature men could mentor our younger men on a continuing basis.

What are the beginnings/ history of The Timothy Group? Where did the idea of this come from?

I recall at the midterm of my military career, the Lord speaking to me. He let me know that all of the training I was blessed to receive in the Special Operations Command would be used to develop young men for God’s glory.  From that moment I knew that God had called me to minister to the young men of our nation in a significant way.  During our outdoor events we achieved an atmosphere where the human nature and spiritual strength meet.  The boys truly recognize who they are on the inside.  Then the mentoring process can start.  With God’s help we can guide the young men on the path of maturity and character.  It is this practical application of spiritual truths that the students remember.  This is what drives them when the going gets tough!

Officer Stansbury teaching

It has been such an honor to be involved in the spiritual growth of the students and their families over the years.  Hearing from men who are now grown letting us know what an impact Challenge had on them never gets old!  Hearing from the parents that have had several of their boys participate in the program over a span of several years affirms to us that we are on the right track and building something of eternal value.  The mission of the Timothy Group leadership is to mentor the young men of our nation.  The younger generations of males need us more than ever to lead the way and live by example what it means to be followers of Christ.  At no other time in history has a generation been faced with the barrage of sin and moral decay that current society accepts as normal.  But there is still much hope for guidance and wisdom to be passed from the older men to the younger!  This is where The Timothy Group comes in – we demonstrate how to be strong in faith, what it means to stand up for beliefs and to rely on other brothers in Christ.

Over the years God has surrounded me with a great team of men to co-lead and advise the group.  Beside myself the leadership consists of two men- Bryan Stewart and Joseph Schalchlin.   The idea of CHALLENGE originated with Bryan.  Joseph is our longest participating member!  Their continued involvement represents exactly what our mentoring goals are for the Timothy Group.  These two have been with me since the beginning of my involvement with Challenge.  In addition we have a team of nine advisors.  With these men, God is feeding our minds and hearts His direction.  In keeping with Proverbs 11:14, it is vital to have a variety of input and viewpoints for accountability and encouragement as well as the fellowship of spiritually mature adult males that embody the beliefs of what The Timothy Group teaches.

Bruce Stansbury MAJ. (ret)
imothy Group



History: Birthed from a desire to help those who cannot help themselves, to answer the call set out to be a father to the fatherless, to assist the window and help the protect the orphaned, we, The Timothy Group are uniquely gifted and trained to go where very few Christians have the ability to go.  We are trained and experienced in skydiving, scuba diving. We are paramedics, rappel masters. We can land navigate, problem solve, communicate, teach, repair vehicles, and more.  The singular ability that stands a Timothy Group graduate stands out from his peers in his willingness to impact this world with the spiritual truth revealed in God’s holy word. Nothing else matters. God is inviting the Timothy Group to go to parts of the world that are physically closed to others. Join the Timothy Group as we join God in His work for us.  We will continue to train young men (9 years of age and older) in the characteristics of God. It is important for a young man to know who he is in Christ. It is crucial for a young man to know what Christ is capable of in him. I pray God never relieves us of this honor. In order to be successful we need to build a series of classrooms. We need parade fields and large tracks of land for our outdoor skill building events. Additionally, we will be replacing worn and outdated training gear.  God is asking our most experienced to join him abroad. Help us send them.  We began this type of training in the year 2000.  We have grown continuously in size and in maturity since then.  The size growth has been in the student body.  The size growth has been in staff also.  Staff members grown from the graduating students.  We have attracted exceptional instructors from such industry leaders as the United States Military, Certified and recognized leaders in technical skilled fields.  The maturity growth has been in the skills developed and will as the spiritual maturity of our leadership and instructors.  The Timothy Group became incorporated in the year 2009.

The mission of our organization is to:
(i)    Attract young men, gain their attention, and teach them the word of God.
(ii)    With the word of God as the foundation of all other teaching, give the young men experiences that will demonstrate to them the strength they possess and the length they can go to positively impact the world around them.
(iii)    Building on this revelation, give them the opportunities that exist to impact the globe.
(iv)    Send the young men (now trained, experienced, and motivated) to regions within America, and around the globe that others cannot reach.
(v)    Through medical service, food relief, and construction efforts, minister to these unreachable people.  Build trust and relationships with these unreachable people.  Through the trusted relationship reveal the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our own shared experiences.