to Jul 21

2 Day Handgun Fundamentals Course

Topics to be Covered

  • Handgun terminology and types
  • Firearms safety on and off the range
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Handgun manipulations (draw/presentation, loading & reloading, and malfunctions)
  • Acceptable accuracy and throttle control
  • Shooting at distance
  • Practicing to shoot at speed
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Incorporating movement
  • Dry practice and maintaining skills

Gear list

  • Weather-appropriate apparel (come prepared for rain)
  • Eye and ear protection
  • A serviceable handgun in 9mm, .40, or .45 w/ at least 3 magazines and 500 rounds of ammo (bring extra if possible)
  • A sturdy belt capable of holding pistol and magazine pouches (recommended) for extended periods of time
  • A sturdy belt-mounted holster (mag pouches recommended)
  • Water and snacks to maintain hydration and blood sugar throughout the day


This event is invitation-only.

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AD-Tac Carbine
to Jun 7

AD-Tac Carbine

  • Double Tap Training Grounds (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Armed Defender - Tac Carbine

"The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but salvation is of the Lord." - Prov. 21:31

Class size: 4-6

Cost: $250 - Includes food and lodging. Alternate on-site lodging is available for $30/night.

In 2016 over 90,000 Christians were killed worldwide from persecution and violence in general. In 2015 it is estimated that 105,000 were killed. God's church is under physical attack as well as spiritual, and though all believers ultimately look to their creator to protect them there is still a need - and I believe a responsibility - for those who are proficient in the physical act of protecting and preserving God's people. As it was said of David when he was yet a young man tending his father's sheep "...strong, valiant, and a man of war, and wise..." (I Sam 16:18)

The Armed Defender series is intended to give life-saving skills to responsible individuals with the goal of better protecting and serving the kingdom of God in accordance with the principles and laws set forth in his word.


Topics covered include:

  • A Biblical approach to self-defense, lethal force, and persecution

  • Firearms safety in training and life

  • Rifle set-up and zero

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship

  • Presentation from various ready and carry positions

  • Reactive and proactive reloads

  • Malfunctions

  • Orthodox and less-orthodox shooting positions

  • Introduction to low-light/no-light shooting

  • Introduction to small unit tactics

  • Introduction to CQB (close quarter battle)

  • Self and buddy aid under fire


Live fire validated with force-on-force

A UTM-equipped AR-15 style carbine, and a UTM bolt.

Scenario training will include:

  • Complex problem solving with stress inoculation

  • Active shooter response

  • Varied lighting conditions

  • Working in a team environment

Force on force scenarios will be conducted using a mixture of UTM (ultimate training munitions), airsoft, and paintball. UTM is a technology that allows for the conversion of real firearms (AR-15 style carbines in this case) to fire safely non-lethal training munitions similar to airsoft or paintball. The UTM AR-15 conversion kit changes the carbine from a centerfire to a rimfire which ensures that even if a live round is loaded by mistake, it cannot be fired once the carbine has been converted. Strict protocols will be utilized to ensure that live ammunition cannot be introduced into the scenario environment and that proper safety equipment is utilized at all times on the range and in the shoot-house.


Student Information & Prerequisites

Class size: 4-6

Cost: $250 - Includes food and lodging. Alternate on-site lodging is available for $30/night.

This class is invitation only. To attend a student must:

  • Have very safe gun handling skills

  • Have an understanding of the fundamentals of marksmanship

  • Be over 18 (or have special approval and a signed parental waiver)

  • Be eligible to receive professional firearms training (US citizen, not legally prohibited, etc.)

Our recommended prerequisites are:

  • Prior Timothy Group experience at CST or Extreme

  • Completion of a basic carbine class


Gear List

  • Suggested dress code (have spares in case of weather)

    • Multicam pants w/ Timothy Group or plain black T-shirt (grunt style also welcome… in good taste)

    • Ballcap (Timothy Group, Multicam, black, or tan)

  • Quality shaded and clear eye protection (ballistic rated glasses are highly recommended)

  • Hearing protection (electronic is highly recommended)

  • AR-15 style rifle w/ high-quality sling, optic, light and at least 3 magazines

  • 400 rounds of 5.56/.223

  • Belt or chest mounted magazine pouches

  • Tools and cleaning supplies for your gun

  • Quality handheld light

  • Force on force PPE (personal protective equipment)

    • UTM officially recommends 2 layers of loose fitting clothing (e.g. long sleeve undershirt + BDU top)

    • BDU/ACU top or jacket

    • Paintball mask or helmet

    • Groin protection (a towel or spare shirt can work, I use an MMA cup)

    • Optional (but recommended): gloves, knee & elbow pads, neck protection (a shemagh works well)

Days will be long. Bring rain gear, sunscreen, and snacks to maintain blood sugar.

Note: Limited loaner gear is available. I'd recommend getting in touch before spending money on new equipment. Send any gear questions to mferrill@timothygroup.org.


About the Instructor

Teaching handgun at CHALLENGE Basic in 2014

Micah Ferrill has been involved in Timothy Group events since 2010. He has attended:


  • CHALLENGE Extreme

  • MEHRST (Medical Extraction High-Risk Scenario Training)

  • SWET (Survival Water and Evasion Training)

In addition, he has staffed since 2011 for CHALLENGE Basic and Extreme, CST (Challenge Staff Training), and MEHRST serving as medical officer, logistics officer, and lead marksmanship instructor.

Outside of the Timothy Group, Micah has been an NRA certified instructor since 2013. Since then he has attended over 280 hours of professional firearms and self-defense instruction from six different schools on subjects such as:

  • Tactical carbine and handgun

  • First Aid & Tactical Combat Casualty Care

  • Low light carbine and handgun

  • Home defense

  • Concealed carry

  • Active killer response

  • Precision rifle

Micah is also UTM certified and has a variety of experience in force-on-force scenario training.


For more information:

To get more details or find out if you are eligible, contact Micah at mferrill@timothygroup.org.

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