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Armed Defender

This is not a basic course, nor is it a comprehensive carbine class. If you have basic safety and marksmanship skills, this class is meant as a tool to lead you to the next level by being a "sampler platter" of a variety of key sub-skills. Each block corresponds to multiple local and national-level instructors who are subject matter experts in their various specialties. To become a master, you must train with many masters.

One of the shortfalls of civilian training is that skills are generally trained in 1-3 day events rather than the comprehensive multi-week training course found in military and law enforcement. This event seeks to fill that gap by layering introductory-level training on multiple sub-skills (eg. low light and cover/concealment) on top of a solid base of fundamentals.

Topics Covered Include:

  • A Biblical understanding of self-defense
  • Firearms safety in training and life
  • Carbine & Handgun selection and set-up
  • Support equipment
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • Presentation from various ready and carry positions
  • Reactive and proactive reloads
  • Malfunctions
  • Working from cover and concealment
  • Orthodox and less-orthodox shooting positions
  • Shooting and movement
  • Introduction to low-light/no-light shooting
  • Introduction to buddy drills and defense of a 3rd party
  • Introduction to tactical angles (CQB)

Each day will start with live fire and transition to force-on-force (UTM) to pressure test and validate skills and gear.

Cost: $399

A $50 deposit secures your slot with the balance due on arrival. Cost includes tuition, range fees, and force-on-force gear. Alumni & staff discounts apply.

Gear List

  • Quality shaded and clear eye protection (ballistic rated glasses are highly recommended)
  • Hearing protection (electronic is highly recommended)
  • Quality AR-style rifle with sling, light, and sighting system. If in doubt, ask.
  • Quality compact (Glock 19 equivalent) or full-size handgun in at least 9mm (weapon mounted light optional)
  • 400+ rounds quality rifle ammunition (group buy available)
  • 200+ rounds quality handgun ammunition (group buy available)
  • At least 3 magazines per firearm
  • A quality belt-mounted holster (kydex or injection-molded recommended) and magazine pouches
  • Tools and cleaning supplies for your equipment
  • Quality handheld light with a tail cap button
  • Force on force PPE (personal protective equipment)
    • UTM officially recommends 2 layers of loose-fitting clothing (e.g. long sleeve undershirt + BDU top)
    • Paintball style masks will be provided
    • Groin protection (a towel or spare shirt can work; I use an MMA cup)
    • Optional (but recommended): gloves, knee & elbow pads, neck protection (a shemagh works well)
  • Rain gear, sunscreen, and snacks to maintain blood sugar.

This event is invitation only. If interested you can reach us at or via our social pages.