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This world is not a place for shallow Christians of soft character. Our Lord is looking for strong men who are tested, proven disciples ready to defend life and to live life to the fullest.

We are the Timothy Group. We teach young men spiritual strength and physical preparedness to fulfill the duties of this life and prepare for the life to come. Learn more by reading about our flagship program CHALLENGE and signing up for our email list.

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AoM: How to do a Dopamine Reset

Wed May 24 2023

Whether addressing actual addiction or a simple caffeine dependency, a dopamine reset (or "fast") is a useful discipline to visit periodically that can help with motivation, testosterone, and much more. Read more in the original article on Art of Manliness here.


Find the Low Hanging Fruit

Wed May 10 2023

Not sure what career you should choose or what you should study? Sometimes just finding the next bit of work and doing it is all that's needed for today. Find the low hanging fruit: get a job, learn a skill, work actively in your church. As you build your skills and experience, more options will open to you, but find useful work and do it.


Increase your pushups

Wed Apr 26 2023

Trying to get your numbers up? I happened upon Dan's channel a while back and found it to be a useful training resource. Recruits and staff are tested against a specific fitness standard at CHALLENGE. This also plays a role in personal discipline and mental readiness in or out of CHALLENGE events.


The Timothy Group Needs Your Help

Wed Apr 12 2023

We need your help! Between big tech shenanigans and the nature of our message, it's difficult sometimes to get the word out. Our biggest need is for our friends, alumni, and parents to invite young men to CHALLENGE, but you can also help by like/share/subscribing on our Facebook & Instagram, and perhaps more importantly signing up for our email list. We're cranking out helpful info every week and that's the best way to see what going on at the Timothy Group and help us rebuild this ministry.

If you've trained with us before, email or DM us and let us know so we can rebuild our records - and you can get an alumni discount!


Basics of Macronutrients

Wed Mar 29 2023

Everybody has something to say about nutrition or "diet". There tends to be a cough cough grain of truth to most of the popular "fad" diets. Eventually everything boils down to macro (protein, carbs, fat) and micro nutrition (vitamins, minerals, etc.). Most foods are some combination of the 3 macros so everything comes down to 3 things based on your goals: getting a decent ratio across the 3 macros for whatever change or maintenance you're targeting, getting the right quantity & frequency to absorb what you need, and getting enough whole foods and micronutrients to sustain organ function so you can use those gains in the first place.

Trying to put on muscle? Might need to increase your protein. Trying to lose weight? Might need to limit carbs. Are you a young skinny guy wanting to get stronger? Just eat. Eat a lot. Much of what's easily available to us in America has an excess of carbs (particularly sugar or pseudo-sugar) and fats. Learn the basic mechanics of your anatomy (as well as what your stomach can tolerate) and take ownership of your nutrition.

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