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This world is not a place for shallow Christians of soft character. Our Lord is looking for strong men who are tested, proven disciples ready to defend life and to live life to the fullest.

We are the Timothy Group. We teach young men spiritual strength and physical preparedness to fulfill the duties of this life and prepare for the life to come. Learn more by reading about our flagship program CHALLENGE and signing up for our email list.

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Wed Aug 03 2022

I first attended Challenge back in 2010. I was originally introduced to it by my older brother who'd attended in 2009 and said it was such a great experience! I was 13 years old at the time and excited to do something that would push me physically and mentally, so I signed up for Challenge Basic. When we first arrived the staff was professional and prompt signing us in and telling us where we could wait with the other recruits. And so began one of the most developmental weeks of my life.

After physically testing us against a PT standard, we were put through several different challenges in a way that specifically required teamwork, but we didn't have any sort of organization yet. This began teaching us the lesson that we couldn't do these things by ourselves, but that together and working as a squad we could overcome the obstacles in front of us.

We were eventually split into squads and were then taught survival skills, land navigation, tactical squad movement, basic application of first aid, hand-to-hand combat, basic firearms, rappelling, and many more important skills that were all ultimately building our teamwork as a unit. Learning each of these skills was a tremendous growing experience for me, but more important than all the other skills I learned was really the confidence the experience built in me. Knowing that I was capable of learning all these hard things, that I could accomplish all these tasks and work together with my squad to accomplish bigger things than I could do by myself actually showed me how far I can go. This experience was vital to my coming of age, especially in teaching me to trust in my fellow squadmates and giving me confidence in important and quick decision making.

Each night as part of our end of day process we would go through a time of worship with all of us singing together. The second night of worship I felt a real burden knowing that, just like I wasn't able to go through these different challenges without my squad, I was also fully incapable of saving myself from my sin. As the worship leader explained the words of the songs we were singing, I just felt this overwhelming emptiness over my inability, and dread at the feeling of knowing that what I deserved was hell. That night I prayed to God saying that I knew I was a sinner, incapable of saving myself, but knowing that Jesus died on the cross for my sins, I confessed my sins and my need for a Savior. There wasn't some overwhelming feeling of something magically changing, but I knew that I actually had something I could be confident in and Someone I could depend on.

I finished that week of training overwhelmed by how much had been accomplished both physically and spiritually, and confident that I had much farther to go. I went on to attend Challenge Basic again in 2011 and 2012, and with each experience not only did I continue to develop the skills taught, but my confidence in myself and my trust in my teammates developed to a level I never thought possible.

I truly think that Challenge is an experience that every young man should have the opportunity to go through. To see how far they can go, to understand what they're truly capable of, and to learn that there are other men out there going through the same things they are and willing to work along side them.

  • Josiah F.

Image: Josiah at his 3rd Basic in 2012 (after already passing staff selection)


What is Leadership?

Wed Jul 20 2022

"Words mean things" you may have heard. "Leadership" or "the capacity to lead" can be categorized in many ways, and consists of many components. In its simplest form, "to lead" is to guide, to be first, to direct. It is NOT the same as authority/title/position and has NOTHING to do with personality. Therefore, leadership is the ability to see opportunity for advancing the team, and the willingness to step up and make it happen.

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Why Range Rules are Useless

Wed Jul 06 2022

Calling firearms safety practices "range" rules can set us up for failure in the real world. Firearms aren't just for the range, and the rules extend beyond 3 berms and a redshirt RSO. At any Timothy Group firearms-related courses, we utilize an updated version of Cooper's 4 cardinal rules of gun handling:

  1. Always know the condition of your gun.
  2. Keep the gun pointed in the safest direction possible.
  3. Keep your finger straight and outside the trigger guard until the gun is on target with the intent to fire.
  4. Be sure of your target, its foreground, background, and flanks.

Each of these has a safety component, and an effectiveness component. The two are inseperable:

1: Positively control the status of your gun. If it needs to be unloaded, make it unloaded. If it needs to be loaded and in-battery, make it so.

2: There are more things not to shoot than there are things to shoot. Learn the various techniques to manage your muzzle based on situations you might find yourself in. "Down range" isn't always a thing in the real world.

3: This prevents a sympathetic squeeze causing a negligent discharge, but also gives more control of the gun and harnesses our natural ability to point accurately. This gives us better control over the gun and is arguably the most important safety measure.

4: Positively identify your target, and remember that you're responsible for wherever the bullet goes or could go.

Pictured: recruits undergo basic handgun instruction at CHALLENGE: Basic 2012. Register on the CHALLENGE page for our next event on September 12th.


AoM Repost: Embrace Reading for the Sake of Reading

Wed Jun 08 2022

Reposted from Art of Manliness (link)

I've always been an avid reader, though I know many have to work at it. Varying the topic (eg. theology, fiction, productivity) and media (audio, kindle, hard copy) have helped me keep up the habit over the years. Similarly, changing up scripture reading habits helps me pay attention and keep it fresh.

Share some of your favorite books you've read in the past year or two in the comments on facebook, instagram, or both.


3 Reasons you should come to CHALLENGE (yes, instead of football)

Wed May 25 2022

The real world doesn't look like your family:
Many children grow up in a Christian home only to have their spiritual foundation rocked by college or other new experiences. Others have less-than-ideal family experiences and naturally take a more pessimistic view of the world. The truth is that there's a wide, groaning world out there. The spiritual war is real, and you must learn how to squad up with brothers in the faith and "get some" for the glory of God.

The real world doesn't look like your sports team:
One of the leadership difficulties at CHALLENGE is finding success with weaker (or stronger) squadmates. In competitive sports, players are matched as best as possible to find success for the team. As an adult your church/squadmates will have tremendous diversity of spiritual callings and giftings, and it is critical that you learn to "move with a purpose" and "leave no man behind".

The real world doesn't play nice:
Lewis said of Aslan "Of course he's not safe, but he's good." Many of our experiences growing up have simple rules, and direction from parents or other adults. As a man, you have to be able to think and problem solve on your own. Growing up is taking those lessons received as a boy and learning to master and adapt them as a man. "Find a way or make one"

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September 12, 2022