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Date Set for February carbine class

Date Set for February carbine class

Wed Dec 20 2023

Armed Defender: Tactical Carbine

In 2017 we developed an intense, 3-day training event including classroom, flat range, and force-on-force sections meant to be a "sampler platter" introducing many essential skills to intermediate shooters seeking to improve themselves. Since then we've updated the material, incorporated new technologies, and grown in size. Last year we sold out the pistol version, and expect to have to limit slots this year.

Citizen training can make it hard to see the categories of different skillsets around firearms, and how they interact with each other. Things like low light, team communication, working structures, medical skills; all of these things take an individual investment to master, but layering them together (as would occur in a real-world scenario) is even more difficult.

Additionally, the ATF in all their wisdom has begun to arbitrarily limit our access to key training materials and we may not be able to offer this format quite the way we should like in the near future. Take advantage while you can.

If you're interested in attending send us an email or reach out on our socials.